Friday Favorites – Amber’s Hygge Necessities for Fall

fall leaves, slippers, and a candle with
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Warm, familiar, comforting, cozy, sharing, snuggly…

These are just a few of the words I think of whenever I think of Hygge. Hygge is the Danish art of contentment through acts that make one feel comfortable and peaceful.

Here at The Military Mom Collective, I’d like to think that I am the resident Hygge expert (even if it’s only self-proclaimed), and I have written about it before. For my purposes now, I thought it was perfectly fitting that I bring you some of my favorite cozy and comforting things and combine it with THE best season of the year. 

If you are new to this practice, fall is the perfect time to get started! The leaves are changing, the weather (in many parts of the world) is getting cooler, and we all need to focus on our well-being before hunkering down for the long winter that’s ahead. 

Apple Cinnamon Tea

My first fall Hygge must-have is my apple cinnamon tea. I like Celestial Seasonings brand, but really any kind will do. I love this tea because you don’t have to add any sweetener, and there are no surprises. The name says it all. It is the perfect blend without being overpowering. 

Hot beverages are a staple of Hygge living, and any tea/coffee/beverage will do. But in the fall, I love to reach for anything with apple cinnamon, orange, or pumpkin spice. I love to stay within the theme of the season. My favorite tea mug is my Buddha mug, which takes the Hygge to another level. Any oversized mug will do, though.

My favorite part of this one is that it checks off so many boxes on the Hygge checklist: warm, cozy, content, comforting – check!


Next on my list of things for Fall Hygge are my candles. Scent and the flickering of the candle wick are huge when it comes to Hygge. Although it isn’t necessary, it’s most common to stick with “warm” fragrances such as vanilla, cinnamon or sandalwood. But in order for it to be comforting, you stick to what brings you joy!

Between the months of September and November, I always have two rotating scents going throughout the house: baked goods scents in the kitchen and woody, spicy scents in the foyer and living room. As with the tea flavors, I try to stick with cinnamon, pumpkin, and apple scents with just a hint of balsam for a tease toward Christmas.

Snuggly Slippers

Fewer things in life bring me joy more than an amazingly comfortable and snuggly pair of slippers. As soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning during these colder months, I reach right for my Minnetonka fleece-lined slippers. They come in such cute designs, and they are really affordable and last a long time! On the extra cold days, I like to triple up on the cozy and wear my wool socks under my slippers and light the fireplace.

It’s All About The Lighting

Two things that will instantly bring Hygge into your home are soft lighting and bringing the outdoors inside. I found these twinkling twig lights purely by accident on Amazon, and I knew I had to have them. The lighting is so incredibly soft, and it brings the nature aspect of Hygge into your home because the lights are attached to the twigs. They definitely bring an ethereal atmosphere to our home, which I find extremely calming and peaceful. Sometimes after the kids go to bed, I will sit downstairs with these on and enjoy my hot tea in the soft light of the twig lights on my fireplace mantle to help calm me after a long day.

Warm Baked Goods

Another thing that brings me comfort on the increasingly chilly days is a warm baked good. Any baked goods will do, but right out of the oven and homemade just feels a little more cozy.

There’s an amazing bakery here in Detroit called Sister Pie, and they make some of the most soulful and delicious cookies and pies I’ve ever tasted. The owner, Lisa Ludwinski, wrote a cookbook a few years ago that I had to have right away. It has the perfect combination of sweet and savory options.

One of the cornerstones of Hygge is sharing delicious, comforting, and hearty food with friends and family (or even by yourself), and this cookbook is the easiest way to accomplish that. My husband’s favorite is the peanut butter and paprika cookies, and I thoroughly enjoy the vegan brownies or the Robert Redford cookies. Hygge heaven!