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So you’ve been trapped in your house for about a year, patiently awaiting your turn for the COVID-19 vaccine. You’ve tried an array of hobbies to keep yourself happy during this time of being both endlessly bored and unbelievably busy, from growing your own sourdough starter to stripping your laundry. You’ve avoided a quarantine baby and didn’t add a quarantine puppy to your family, but you’re thinking you need something to nurture. Something that doesn’t ask much of you, beautifies your space, and increases your sense of well-being.

It’s time to become a plant parent. 

House plants are having a moment. As we’ve all spent more time in our homes, we’ve felt the draw to connect to nature and enjoy the four walls we’ve spent so much time staring at in the last several months. Even if you have a black thumb, these five house plants are great starters for your new journey through plant parenthood. 


As the unintentional murderer of many a plant, I’ve managed to keep my aloe vera alive for nearly eighteen months. These plants are hardy, require little watering, and bonus – if you get a sunburn, you can cut off a leaf and squeeze the gel on your irritated skin, getting instant relief.  


Pothos is another great gateway plant. I started mine when my neighbor brought over some cuttings from her own plant. I’d never potted or propagated a plant before, but my little pothos is still alive and well. I love watching new leaves unfurl every few days. These plants are also difficult to kill (and believe me, I’ve come close). They only need to be watered every 1-2 weeks. These vines do well in hanging planters, and if you have pets, this is the best place for them, as they can make animals ill.


I love these striking plants with their variegated leaves. Snake plants do not need much water; are you sensing a theme here in what I’ve managed to keep alive? They are tolerant of various levels of light, although they thrive best in moderate light.


I fell in love with this dramatic, cascading succulent the first time I went to a nursery (as opposed to buying random things at the grocery store). The long, draping trails make a gorgeous curtain that has, admittedly, snagged my hair a few times as I walk by. These plants love light and are happiest near a window, but they don’t require much watering. 


If you like the fish hook plant, you’ll love the donkey tail succulent. The fat, bulbous leaves are adorable and also cascade in a similar dramatic manner to the fish hook plant if you choose to use it as a hanging plant. Donkey tails are slightly more delicate, losing leaves very easily if you move them or repot them. But their maintenance and care is pretty basic and similar to that of the fish hook plant – keep it in bright light and avoid over-watering.

I hope you’ve found the perfect plant baby to bring home with you. Enjoy the extra green and oxygen in your home!

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