Marriage and motherhood are no piece of cake. I try to stay on top of things around the house, and I try to keep my spirits up on particularly trying days. 

Although I can’t always count on things going the way I would like them to, there is ONE thing I can ALWAYS depend on … my husband. This man deserved a BIG shout-out. He might not stroll in after a long day of work with a bouquet of roses, but he does offer something better: a helping hand.

The things he does throughout the week may seem small and could easily be taken for granted if I’m not careful. But I try my hardest to let him know what a difference it makes in my day to day life.

Here Comes the Shout-out

He does the dishes. 

This is my absolute least favorite household chore. After cooking a home cooked meal (then fighting/negotiating with a toddler about eating said meal), the last thing I want to do is tackle that pile in the sink. Without even having to ask, he will step right up and clear it for me. 

He takes over bath time. 

Sometimes we rotate bath nights for our son. And sometimes the man will come home mid bath and take over without even changing out of his uniform! All so I can get something else done around the house before bed.

He gives me the opportunity to shower in peace.

One of my TOP favorite things to do after a long day is take a steaming hot shower ALONE. Without “mom!”  shouted at me every five seconds. I might EVEN get to shave BOTH legs on these nights!

He’ll watch Friends … AGAIN.

He’d rather watch The Office, but instead he’ll suffer through yet ANOTHER episode of Friends this week just because he knows I’ve suffered through Paw Patrol all day. 

He’ll let me vent first. 

My husband works a LONG day. He’s been on his feet, in the heat or cold, dealing with whatever comes his way at work. He has his own complaints about the day. But there are days when he can see it on my face that I need a good venting. He’ll ask about it and sit patiently as I describe tantrums and messes before going on to vent about his own day.

He understands when I want to go to the grocery store without the kids. 

FREEDOM, SWEET FREEDOM. Sure, I’m only gone for 45 minutes, but it’s a glorious 45 minutes. I didn’t have to argue with a two year old about putting shoes on. I didn’t have to rush to the checkout line because I forgot to bring my toddler’s diaper bag in, and we have a number two situation … it’s just me, myself, and I strolling  down each and every aisle. 

He still teases me. 

He still finds the energy to be as playful as the day we first met. I may roll my eyes at this time to time, but nothing lightens a stressful day, like my husband acting like the same goofball I fell in love with four years ago. 

Shout it out.

My husband is one of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life. It would be easy for him to come home, kick up his feet, and play on his phone. And honestly, who could blame him. 

Neither one of us is perfect. We’re both still trying to figure this whole “adulting” thing out. But when he does these little things from time to time, it truly tells me that we are a team. He is my PARTNER, and he deserves a big shout-out for all of the things he does to help me, big AND small. 

What are some things your spouse or significant other does to help you out from time to time? What is something “small” that you wish someone would do for you every once in a while?