Once or twice a year it happens; the required military Physical Fitness Test (PT Test). And we all know when it’s approaching, don’t we? We know WAY BEFORE our spouse even tells us that it’s that time of year.

How do we know? We know because our husbands or wives all begin to act differently as the test approaches. You know what I’m talking about. All of sudden, you see the tape measure on the nightstand; the sneakers emerging from of the closet. I don’t know about you, but I find it all rather humorous. I mean, 10 months out of the year all is normal, and then, BAM! My husband is working out like a madman. 

I knew I wasn’t the only one who experienced this, so I decided to poll my fellow Military Moms Blog contributors to see what signs their spouses display before the PT Test. Let’s see how many of you can relate. 

15 Signs The PT Test is Approaching

  1. You walk into the living room and see your spouse doing push-ups (Something that is most definitely NOT a normal occurrence). 
  2. The ice cream in the freezer suddenly stops “mysteriously” disappearing. 
  3. Your spouse starts running. A lot. “Gotta make sure I get down to an 8-minute mile.”
  4. All of a sudden you’re not allowed to bake. ““No more cookies. I need to watch my waistline.”
  5. You hear the following words more often: “Hey, honey, let’s have some salad for dinner.”
  6. Your spouse asks your kids to hold their feet and time him/her while they do a few rounds of sit-ups. And then your kids get in on the action so they can see how many sit-ups they can do in one minute. 
  7. When your spouse starts detailing how many points he or she gets for maxing out sit ups and push ups versus the number of points for shaving a few seconds off his or her run time. They then scientifically calculate what they are capable of pulling off to get an “Excellent” vs a “Good” because an excellent means this nonsense won’t happen for another year versus six months. 
  8. There’s no more beer in the house. 
  9.  Your spouse suddenly gets happier. Who knew that feeding your body actual vegetables (the lettuce and tomatoes in a Jimmy Johns don’t really count) and exercising regularly would do so much for your mental AND physical health?!?!?
  10. The juicer appears out of whatever cobweb laden hole it’s been hiding in for the last six months, and your grocery bill plummets. Who knew fresh produce is ridiculously cheaper than junk food?!
  11. Your spouse starts eating oatmeal for breakfast and tells you, “I gotta slim down.”
  12. All of a sudden there is four times the laundry to wash, fold, and put away because there is SOOOOOO much sweaty, stinky laundry…. sooooo much more than usual!
  13. Suddenly your spouse has to have the newest, coolest Fitbit/AppleWatch/Bluetooth Scale/etc. to motivate him. Surely the FitBit/AppleWatch/Bluetooth scale from six months ago works just as well … but since we’re just not as “tech savvy” we clearly don’t know what we’re talking about.   HA!
  14. They start doing the PT test daily, the week leading up to the test.
  15.  Your spouse starts asking you to save the GNC coupons.

What signs does your spouse give as the PT test approaches?