2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide

Are you at a loss as to what to give for Father’s Day? Look no further. Military Moms Blog has some unique finds for you.

Military Moms Blog is thrilled to bring you our 2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide.


Battle Brothers BLUE large

Battle Brothers Shaving Co. is a company for warriors, by warriors. It was born out of brotherhood, service and self-sacrifice.

Inspired by living on a Forward Operating Base while deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, Battle Brothers Shaving Company’s founder set out to find the best shaving experience for each individual’s customized shaving needs.

With attention to detail and uncompromising quality, their products are designed to invite you into the luxury of customizing your own exceptional shaving experience. The razors are designed for easy maintenance. All of the varieties of brushes are handmade and the razor blades are manufactured with high grade stainless steel.

As a professional, you want to look and feel your best, while preforming your best. You should also expect nothing but the finest performance in the tools that you use. Start the day in confidence with a shave of equal quality.

Made in the USA.

Use milmoms10 for 10% off your purchase.


FunkAway is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic odor eliminator that works because its formula contains an exclusive OM Complex that attacks smells at the source by trapping odor molecules in a bubble and breaking them down until they’re eliminated.

Unlike flowery sprays and home remedies, FunkAway eliminates odors instead of covering them up.

FunkAway comes in a variety of sizes and applicators – a pump spray, an aerosol spray, a laundry detergent booster and supercharged beads for larger spaces.

FunkAway allows users to renew and refresh, rather than throw away.


Grill Your Ass Off has been sent on a mission to make your meat the best tasting thing you have ever put in your mouth!

After spending time in the US Army as an Infantryman, owner Jason Murff wanted to give back to the veteran community. Each bottle of seasoning sold proudly supports a true non-profit veteran organization or event.

Each of these products is designed with a military theme, so they can help give you and a friend a laugh or bring back a great memory.

Every one of our bottles is made in Texas with pride, so you can taste the freedom.


This Organic Hard Kombucha (4.5% ABV) is made from a sparkling fermented tea kombucha culture with adaptogenic botanicals and live probiotics. This line features innovative live brews: Ancient Berry, Lemon Orchard, and Ginger & Oak.

Flying Embers is a presentation of Fermented Sciences Brewing. The better-for-you alcohol is frequently found at concerts, yoga festivals, and within entrepreneurial and creative crowds.

While the brand has had great success since launching, it was nearly destroyed by a wildfire that occurred near Ojai, California, in 2017. Today, the team of passionate brewers credit mother nature and local firefighters for their escape from a potentially-disastrous ending. As a result, they give back 1% of profits to firefighters based locally in Southern California.


Good Idea® – the Swedish Sugar Buster – addresses one of today´s major health challenges by being an attractive alternative to sugary sodas and by actively helping the body handle the sugar spikes following ordinary meals.

The drink contains sparkling water and is the only mealtime beverage on the US market that contains a significant amount of five amino acids and chromium, proven to make weight loss both healthier and more sustainable. This is done by increasing the proportion of lost fat.

Good Idea is all-natural, completely unsweetened with zero sugars, zero sweeteners, and zero calories. Good Idea® is a positive lifestyle change made easy.




Gutsii is the new Sexy Swiss Chocolate that is putting the FUNK in FUNKtional foods. It is packed with prebiotics and an excellent source of dietary fiber for a healthy gut. Gutsii is made with only 6 natural ingredients that are vegan, gluten-free, low or no sugar, low carb, and keto friendly. Prebiotic benefits contribute to sustainable weight loss, stress support, digestion improvement and natural detox. Also prebiotics strengthen the immune system and nourishFather good gut bacteria.

Gutsii is inspired and named after some of the worlds greatest musicians: Raspberry Rhapsody, Pinksalt Floyd Rocks, and  Mint Puffdaddii.

Janine Zappini, certified health coach and founder of Gutsii, is all about using the business for good and making it count! For every Gutsii purchase, Gutsii contributes to B1G1: a global initiative that connects businesses with worthy causes.


peg leg porker

Peg Leg Porker is Nashville’s award-winning must-stop barbecue restaurant. Southern Living named this spot as the Best BBQ Joint in Tennessee for 2019 and they are well-known around the country for their famous dry rub ribs.

If a road trip to Nashville with your favorite dad isn’t in your near future for a taste of award-winning ribs, you can try their Signature BBQ Seasoning and awesome BBQ swag at home. Not only is this great for ribs, but you can also sprinkle it on chicken, pork, brisket, fish and wild game.


A perfect balance of rich flavors, velvety smoothness, and a light, creamy body delivers caffeinated perfection with every sip — in the convenience of a can. It is crafted with the world’s best single origins, ethically sourced from small farms around the globe.

This coffee is custom roasted, blended, and brewed for an insanely FRESH, FLAVORFUL, and SMOOTH experience.


FOUND is a beverage brand that recently partnered with the Ocean Conservation Group, Oceana, for their ‘100k Initiative,’ a not-for-profit campaign aimed at reducing single use plastics in order to reduce the number of marine mammals killed by plastic in their own habitat.
They are offering people a choice that can help protect marine wildlife. All profits go to Ocean Conservation efforts.


We are proud to partner with many of these businesses to give you this sponsored gift guide.
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