It occurred to me during a quick, effortless, yet efficient text exchange with a fellow military spouse as we hashed out the details of an upcoming event we were hosting for our squadron that “man, we could rule the world.”

I believe military spouses develop necessary personal qualities that make us truly fit to rule the world. Here is why:

Strength and Resilience

From long and/or frequent deployments, countless temporary duty assignments, days and months of single parenting, and dealing with more “tough stuff”’ in a few years than many people will deal with in their lifetime, we always overcome.

We always rise to the occasion.

With each new challenge or unforeseen circumstance, we “rally our troops” and tackle things head on. We always let our strength shine through no matter how much we hide on the inside. We can pack up our homes with a moment’s notice, move across the country or across the world, and make a new place a home before the dust in our path can settle.

The world could use more leaders who have treaded dark waters, kept it all together, and carried on with the poise and grace of a military spouse. 

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Foreign Affairs

My husband and I recently went on a trip with six other military couples. We only knew one of the couples prior to the trip, and we had only met them once. Nobody was shy about introducing themselves and getting to know one another. By the third day of the trip, passerby could have swore we were a group from the same hometown. Yet, when the trip ended, we all knew our paths may never cross again, and that was OK.

Military families have a knack for making fast friends. We rarely beat around the bush to get to know someone new. We’ve lived all over the country. We’ve lived all over the world. We’ve worked with and done life with people of all races, religions, and cultures. There is no pretension among us. There is no social bias.  We already know how much money your spouse makes. We know what your health care looks like. We’re not worried about petty differences. We care that you love your country, spouse, and family.

Imagine what foreign policy would look like if we all just got to he point, made friends, and did business without all the extra “stuff” getting in the way? 


No matter your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that many politicians’ lives can be a mess. Most have huge staffs just to keep everything in line and all together.

Have you every watched a group of military spouses come together to provide meals/childcare/etc. for a family who suddenly lost a loved one?

Have you ever asked a military spouse to produce a record of a single vaccination their third child received three duty stations ago?

Have you ever witnessed the detail of cleaning associated with the week prior to a homecoming?

We juggle so many balls simultaneously, often without the help of our spouse, let alone an assistant. I’m fairly certain that military spouses could get the national budget in check, touch base with a foreign ally, and organize a meal train for the senator who just had a baby — all before we put our own children to bed. 

Do you think the world would be a better place if military spouses were in charge?

What would you add to this list of stellar qualifications of the military spouse?



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