1. I’m Air Force. E5. When I get that comment, I stare long and hard at the person who said it with a slightly confused look on my face and say: “why would I do that?” When the person stares blankly back at me, and I raise my eyebrows awaiting their answer, they quickly change their mind and correct themselves telling me: “thank you for your service”. To which I kindly reply, “you’re welcome” (or “no problem”, or several other synonymous phrases).

  2. I appreciate your raising awareness – that is SO important! Thank you. Personally, I would definitely not ‘let it pass’, I would say, “Actually, I am the veteran, my husband is the civilian”. You TOTALLY deserve the respect and appreciation of the American public. We are just clueless! I’m sorry, and THANK YOU for your service!

  3. I just got hit with this on Saturday at a Vets event at my school. I was wearing my Student Vets Association jacket and everything.
    When I say “no, I’m a vet,” they nearly always ask if my husband served too.
    Why is this situation so hard for people to imagine?

    Ps. Loved seeing those photos from Afghanistan!

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