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#10 No Matter How Commonplace Moving Becomes, There Is Always The Dreaded Week Of Lasts

“I cried this morning as I took my pictures off the wall waiting for our packers to arrive. Our family has grown so much in this house. Our roots spread deep and wide in this town. We got all tangled up with other people’s roots. It is hard to know where we end and our community here begins. Naturally, it hurts a little as we pull our roots out and stretch them further. Parts of our roots are still connected here, but the rest stretch in another direction—toward the future.”

#9 Ruffled Over Rank: Everything You Need To Know About Military Spouse Etiquette

“I was so nervous, I wanted to look … proper. At the time, I only had a vague idea of what the structure of rank and officer versus enlisted looked like. I did know, however, that somehow, I could affect my husband’s career.”

#8 Five Pairs Of Shoes You Need In Your Closet Right Now

Here are 5 pairs of shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. They go with just about everything, and the best part is, in them, you will look put together — even when you’re feeling far from it.

#7 Kindergarten Is Stealing My Child’s Joy

“Then gradually, like a sickness, it started … My son began to hate school.”

#6 My Truest Sacrifice As A Military Spouse

“I’ve always rationalized the risk my husband takes on the job by telling people that statistically driving to work is more dangerous than what he does. I learned in that moment what statistics mean when you are on the other side of them. Statistics mean nothing when you are sitting with a friend while she finds out her husband is never coming home and that he will never meet their unborn child. Statistics mean nothing when you have to send your husband out a week later to fly at night while you lay awake waiting and worrying until he comes home.”

#5 Organic Sex: Natural Family Planning And The Military

“Before you judge natural family planning, I want you to take a moment to understand that there is more to it than obligations. You don’t have to jump on board, but I think it’s important to realize that people who use it are informed, intelligent people who are open to discussing it with you.”

#4 The Absolute Last Thing I Want To Hear: “You Signed Up For This”

“Years ago, he gave me an idea about the amount of time he would be away, but it didn’t seem too much to conquer when we were young and in love … and without kids. Then reality set in.”

#3 Yes, My Husband Is Gone A Lot: What I Wish You Knew

“To say I am a single mom discredits the hard work he puts in for his job and his country and overlooks the time he spends wishing he was home. Yes, he loves his job. But yes, he misses his family, too. That makes all the difference.”

#2 What The Government Shutdown Means For Military Families

“Like every government shutdown in the past, the biggest question for military families is, “How does this impact me?””

#1 A Letter To The Friend I Cannot Keep

“But then we make a new family. We find new running buddies and neighbors. And while that makes me ridiculously happy and thankful, it makes my heart break and my conscience grow with guilt.”

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