Get Connected with Kovii – an App for Friends!


Do you have trouble socializing with friends?

With everyone busy with work, family, hobbies, and just plain living, it can be a challenge to stay in touch with friends. Add in military life and its ever-revolving door of incoming and outgoing people, and it is even more challenging. 

What if your best friend lives on the other side of the world?

How do you talk to your friends when your schedule is hectic or inconsistent?

Enter Kovii.

This app is the solution to your problems! Matthew Shanks, military spouse and founder of Kovinno Inc. and the Kovii app, was inspired to create Kovii by his own life. He was a triathlon coach and living in Fort Irwin, California. During the pandemic, he was also the caregiver for his infant son when daycare centers were forced to close. 

If you have ever lived at this duty station, you know that it is a bit isolated in the best of times! With a lack of options for socializing and interacting with other adults, Matthew reached out to friends and family via phone. Yet it was hard and frustrating to try and schedule time to talk.

“When I was bored and wanted someone to call, I didn’t know which of my friends would want to talk at that same time. Sometimes I’d text to see if it was a good time. Sometimes I’d call unannounced. Either way I’d often run into the issue of them trying to call me later on, during precious nap time or working.”

Instead of the back and forth of texts or emails, he created a place to make yourself “available” to any of your friends – the Kovii app!

See my interview with Matthew to learn more about Kovii, the inspiration behind it, how to use it, and more of what he is up to in connecting friends in new bases and places!


Want to connect with Matthew?

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iPhone with Kovii notification
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Meet new friends at any duty station!

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Make meaningful friendships!

Milspouse life can be pretty isolating and lonely, but it isn’t when you have a few friends that really get you. So, let’s make some friends!

Join this Facebook group, created by Matthew, to meet others in your area and with your same interests. They are starting their friendship speed dating/small group programs soon, so head over today!