Ballad of a Hot Mess Mom


    Alarm goes off at half past six

    You hit snooze to get your fix

    Of the sleep you lost the night before

    As you frantically searched for a costume and more


    Because your child has yet another theme day

    At least the 12th time this year, you must say

    Pinterest mom, you most definitely are not

    It isn’t a stance you take, but the time you don’t allot


    So instead you pull together a thing or two

    And hope you have the theme down, too

    It’s science day and they need a lab coat

    Your husband’s button down with a marker you wrote


    Your child’s name and drew some lines

    And convince yourself he will look just fine

    And then arrive and look at the others

    With their wild hair, beakers, and accessories, oh bother


    No time to look because you are already late

    Shove your kid in there before they shut the gate

    Wave goodbye and blow a kiss

    As you notice his wild hair is amiss


    Barely a minute to think as you are off to the next thing

    The groceries, the laundry, any bells does this ring?

    You rush through the day, no time for lunch

    You must have forgotten something; it’s just a hunch


    Back to school for pick up, arrive at 3:03

    You’re late but think, at least he is four and has to wait for me

    The other moms glance sideways as they leave for the day

    With a look that says, “Poor Mama” and they walk away


    But here is the thing, no matter what they think

    This childhood will be over in a blink

    Even if you feel frazzled that you “can’t do it all”

    You are there for your kids, whether big or small


    Stand proud Hot Mess Mom, you are doing your thing

    Molding, shaping, and loving on your offspring

    Late, forgetful, scattered, and trying to get it all done, but how

    Don’t ever forget, you will never be as loved as you are right now.


    Written by the Ultimate Hot Mess Mom

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    Christy Curtis
    Christy is the co-founder of Military Moms Blog. Originally from St. Louis, Christy moved to San Antonio, Texas, for college. She ended up meeting her Air Force husband there and has been on the move ever since. She has mostly lived in the Central Time Zone but also in Italy and England, and she currently calls the Mississippi Gulf Coast home. Christy has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, specializing in pediatrics, and although she teaches as an adjunct professor, most of her mad behavioral skills are used on her three small children. Christy loves to be active and spends her time running, swimming, and playing with her kids. She is an amateur DIY’er and will attempt any and all projects. She likes to stay up late and get up early, so you may find her running before the sun comes up, Internet shopping at midnight, and enjoying iced coffee in between!


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