During November, many people are starting gratitude journals or writing on Facebook something they’re grateful for. I’m trying to take time to be grateful. Of course, there are the big things — family, health, friends, and such and such, but also there are the little things.

These five items might not be very serious, but during this season of life, I’m VERY thankful for them.

Baby Wipes

I keep wipes in every. single. room. You never know when you’ll need them!

I am thankful for baby wipes. I’m convinced that they clean up everything. Well, except raw chicken juice. You should probably get some bleach or a Lysol wipe for that. Baby wipes for cleaning up the baby? Of course. Wiping off the kitchen table when the dish rag smells like death, and you haven’t washed yet? You bet? How ’bout when you get to your kids school and you definitely forgot to wash your jeans and you spy a stain of questionable origin? Baby wipes to the rescue! Quick car cleanup? Yup. The humble baby wipe has wiped many bottoms and continues to “clean” a multitude of things in my life.






Nice Smells

Everyone has different ways they like their scents delivered. I’m a candle girl, myself.

I am thankful for nice scents. I feel like parenting is full of bad/weird/overpowering kid or animal smells, and I like to keep my life scented nicely. Having a lovely scented candle helps me forget that doozy of a diaper I just changed and reminds me I’m an adult. I have regular lotion that I give my daughter and then save the good stuff for myself. I was gifted a lotion set from Israel that smells fresh, grown up and a little beach-y. It sounds like a silly thing, but I’ve found when I have scents that I enjoy, they make mundane tasks and regular life better.   



White Noise

The app has lots of sounds, but the rain is my favorite.

I am thankful for a white noise app. My favorite is from Rain, Rain Sleep Sounds.  Earlier this year after I had a baby, I needed something. My newborn was waking up with gas pains and had ear piercing screams. The gas pains seemed to come in waves and would last around an hour and a half. She just needed to be held, so my husband and I would each take turns getting up with her. When it was his turn, and I could hear her crying, my primal protector mom-heart had a difficult time sleeping. My sister told me about this app, and for me, it was life changing.  I read the comments in the app store and was excited to try it. My new mode of operation was to put on the timer for 4 hours on the “Rain Rain Original Sound” and stick it right next to my ear. This app saved my sleep.


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo takes my bad/weird hair days into something a little more manageable.

I am thankful for dry shampoo. I don’t know when it was invented, but I’m pretty sure it was for moms. I am happy it is here while I’m alive. Before I knew about laziness-in-a-spray, I tried using cornstarch. No matter how hard I tried to rub it in, there was always some part that didn’t get absorbed. Also, I always wondered: what if it rains ,and I have too much cornstarch in my hair? What if my hair becomes the science experiment with the cornstarch goo? Luckily with dry shampoo that doesn’t happen and it’s quicker. On the days I use dry shampoo, I get a little more sleep and I get to skip a step  in my get-ready routine. At my current mom stage, my hair takes a backseat to most things, so it’s dry shampoo and ponytails for me. 


Squeezable Baby Food 

She would be so happy if I let her eat three in a row.

I am thankful for  squeezable baby food pouches. Someday I may start making my own baby food and putting it into reusable containers. But this is not that day. Until then, I am enjoying the convenience of a prepared, low mess, no spoon needed food for my baby. In a moment of hungry desperation, I’ve sucked one down myself. Only the fruit one- there’s something not right about near liquid chicken and rice when you’re in your thirties.  My baby is getting to the point where she can almost hold it herself which feels like a milestone in feeding. 


 Oprah Winfrey said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” I know I could live without these things, but these are the silly and simple things that help my days go smoother as a mom.

And for that, I’m thankful.