Easy, Silly, and Last-Minute April Fools’ Day Ideas


April Fools’ Day is April 1st! Here are some last-minute (as in “I literally forgot April Fools’ Day” last-minute), fun (not cruel), and easy tricks that you can play on your kids that will keep them laughing all day.


These ideas might take a little planning the night before, but they’d also work as an afternoon snack!

  1. Frozen Cereal!

Pour some cereal and milk into a bowl the night before. Leave it in the freezer. Serve it to your kids in the morning for a quick, easy, and harmless laugh!

  1. Poached egg and Jello juice

Spoon some plain vanilla yogurt onto a plate, then place a canned peach half on to in the center to look like sunny side up egg! Serve with a side of “juice” which is actually Jello that you poured in a cup instead of a bowl. Easy! Add a straw if you are extra fancy.

  1. Put a few drops off food coloring in the bottom of a cereal bowl. Cover it with cereal. Your kids will be amazed when they add their milk! 
  2. Put a sign on the back of your car that says, “If you can read this, honk, wave, and shout ‘Hi (names of kids)!!’ (They don’t know this sign is here.) Happy April Fools’ Day!”

Drive with the windows down for maximum effect. OR, team up with the kids and put a similar sign on your spouse’s car.

  1. Put a raisin in the opening of a tube of toothpaste.

When someone squeezes it, they will be surprised by what is on their toothbrush!


  1. Fill a Cheetos bag with baby carrots and stash it in their lunch box.

Eat all the Cheetos. Or save them for after school if you are a nice mom—unlike me.

  1. Put a realistic-looking plastic bug inside their lunch.

I know we have a fake cockroach laying around here somewhere … scares me all of the time!

After school:

  1. Drive through the school pick up line wearing a funny wig! 
  2. Surprise them with an Oreo filled with toothpaste instead of frosting for an after-school snack!

Then sweeten the deal by giving them a couple of the real deal cookies.

  1. Print this free printable cootie-catcher and slip it into their lunches!

The jokes are silly and don’t quite line up, and they can have fun sharing jokes with their friends.

Around the house:

  1. Bunch up toilet paper and put it in your kids’ shoes while they are sleeping.

Bonus points: Write a message on the TP!

  1. Set a bunch of alarms to go off at different times around the house.

The kids will love running from room to room shutting them off.

  1. Wedge a drinking glass behind the spray nozzle on the sink. When a kid (or dad) turns it on, they will get sprayed!

Easy, fun, and classic.

  1. Stick googly eyes everywhere!

The bathroom mirror, the food in the refrigerator, or on the television!

  1. Tape a paper (or plastic) bug inside a lampshade.

They might discover it on April Fools’ Day or maybe later — but still fun!

  1. Wrap a bunch of toys they already have in wrapping paper.

Share your ideas for more April Fools’ Day fun in the comments! Or, if you decide to try one of these, share a photo of the prank or your kids’ reactions. Happy April Fools’ Day!!