Best Holiday Gifts of Food in 2020

The Best Holiday Gifts for Food Lovers Presented by The Military Mom Collective, Grill Your Ass Off, and AMSE

When we think of the holidays, we think about food. Why not make food a gift? It’s a perfect way to say thank you and spread holiday cheer to those around you.

Grill Your Ass Off: Veteran Owned, Texas Made. Beef Jerky, Seasons, and Spices

Grill Your Ass Off

What’s better than a little bit of Ass? A Big Box of Ass! You demanded it so we are bringing it back! *LIMITED QUANTITY* The ultimate gift pack, dude box, or grilling sidekick that will never leave your six.

The Box of Ass includes a GYAO Ammo Can, all 7 of our seasonings, a koozie, a meat magnet temperature chart, and a sticker.

Our seasonings have NO MSG or GLUTEN (Ma Deuce contains gluten).

Grill Your Ass Off has been sent on a mission to make your meat the best tasting thing you have ever put in your mouth. After spending time in the US Army as an Infantryman, owner Jason Murff wanted a way to give back to the veteran community. So each one of our bottles of seasonings will proudly support a true non-profit veteran organization or event. Each of our products is designed with a military theme to give you and a friend a laugh or bring back a great memory. Every one of our bottles is made with pride in Texas so you can taste the freedom.

Scars and Stripes
Scars and Stripes

Scars and Stripes Coffee

We empower Veterans to build their own business using our e-commerce platform. When you buy coffee from Scars and Stripes, you are buying from a Veteran and your purchase directly impacts the men and women who have served our country.

We pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality beans sold by the highest quality people. Our coffee is fresh roasted and will be at your doorstep within days of the bean being roasted. We are proud to roast every bag here in the land of the free.


MMC Military Mom Shop
A beautiful watercolor wine tumbler with The Military Mom Collective logo

Exclusive MMC Wine Tumbler

These tumblers will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks ice cold all day! Custom-made in the USA by fellow military moms. Be sure to use code “MILTARYMOMS” for a discount at checkout (discount applies for total purchases over $35)! 

Scout and Celler

Scout and Cellar

Scout and Cellar has an amazing variety of clean-crafted™ wines and beverages for all to enjoy! No added sugars, pesticides, chemicals, additives, dyes, etc., from mom & pop wineries and small farmers worldwide, delicious, and delivered right to your front door! We have many gift sets options for all on your list this year and they ship for FREE! With our amazing Do The Right Thing Guarantee, there is no risk involved. Celebrate the season with Scout & Cellar!

AMSE certified

Universal Yums

Universal Yums

Snacks from a different country delivered monthly! It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves food and desires to travel. Each box contains a variety of sweet and salty snacks are specially brought in from a different country every month and a 12+ page booklet guides your adventure with trivia, recipes, and other surprises!

Tiny Pies

Tiny Pies Gift Box

Give a gift that pleases everyone. Tiny Pies’ best sellers box contains 1 pie each of Apple, Cherry, Sweet Texas Pecan & Texas Two Step ( pecan and chocolate brownie) pies.

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