Friday Favorites – Gerry’s “Keep The Kids Entertained” Favorites for Summer!

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Welcome to one of our favorite series! In “Friday Favorites,” our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between.

With summer upon us, we know that there’s a lot of pressure to keep kids entertained while they’re home. As a mom whose husband is gone this summer, these five things are going to keep me sane but also keep my kids happy while my husband is gone! Honestly, I couldn’t do it without any of these. I hope they’ll help save your sanity this summer too!


Outdoor sensory tables are everything in our household, especially in the summer. By filling it with water, water beads, beans, rainbow rice, sand, or just dirt, it’s always a hit. Why outdoors? Because easy clean up obviously! (FYI, you will have to buy the bins separately) Plug a fan in next to the kids, and they will play with this table for over an HOUR without pause. That’s something this mama definitely needs during the summer.

Step2 Up & Down Rollercoaster

Honestly, when we purchased this a year and a half ago, I thought this was going to be one of those toys that gets played with for a weekend and gets ignored. But yall, this has been a family favorite for outdoor play. When we have friends over, their kids love it, too. I can guarantee that when we’re out in our backyard, the boys will play with this for at least 20 minutes every time!

Balance Bikes

If you’ve got kids like mine who can’t quite figure out how to pedal and ride at the same time, these balance bikes are a must. They’re very well sized, and the boys will fly on these. Sometimes on family walks, we’re jogging trying to keep up with them! They love these bikes, and they’re more affordable than the name brand version.

Kids Swim Goggles

Obviously summertime wouldn’t be summer without spending lots of it around a pool or a body of water. The boys are learning how to swim, and we want them to be able to go underwater without needing to hold their noses. These goggles look like a mask but are noseless, and they also snap behind the head which makes putting them on little heads so much easier. These are definitely a pool favorite for the kids. We have a set of these and we’re probably going to buy a second set soon!

Movie Projector and Screen

What would summer be without movie nights? One of our family favorites is cuddling up and watching a movie, but we love our movie projector and screen. It definitely makes the night a lot more fun for the kids! And it also means we don’t have to go to theater and pay for a movie that the kids might not even watch.

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Gerry Langan
Gerry has southern roots and a southern accent to boot, hailing from North Carolina, she is a full-time stay-at-home-mom to twin boys and a part-time marketing guru during naptime and bedtime. Her husband is a Blackhawk Pilot for the Army Reserves, and they currently call Saint Petersburg, Florida home. She prides herself on being a storyteller by nature, and always looking at the mess that life throws at them with a laugh. She keeps her sanity by being a pulmonary hypertension patient advocate on social media (@_gllangan), posting about the honest highs and lows of this wild motherhood ride, and giving people a little insight into what life is like with twin toddlers. When she's not chasing her boys around, Gerry enjoys iced coffee at all times of the day and watching one of her many TV shows.