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Our Military Moms Blog team is incredibly unique.

We live in different states and countries. We come from varying backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. We have different family sizes. We are all different ages and in different stages of our lives. But despite our differences, we have two things in common. We are somehow affiliated with the military, and…

…we are all mothers!

And in celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked our team this question: what is your favorite thing about being a mother? Check out what we all answered and tell us your favorite thing about being a mother. 

And from all of us on the team, Happy Mother’s Day!

Rachel team photo

Rachel, mother of 4

“My favorite thing about being a mother is watching how each of my children grow into themselves. They all have unique personalities and traits; their own strengths and challenges. It is amazing to see the people they are becoming and to be a part of that development.”

Amie team photo

Amie, mother of 4

“My favorite thing about being a mother is watching my kids’ hearts blossom. My kids are all little, and they are still learning what it means to love well. Seeing those moments when they help each other and pray for each other melt my heart. Watching them practice compassion for each other and choose to love instead of fight reinforces that I am not only teaching them well, but that they are also actually listening.”

Amber, mother of 2

“My favorite part of being a mother is watching my kids learn new things. From all the beginning milestones like rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking – all the way up through riding a bike with no training wheels and solving problems with their peers responsibly and respectfully on their own.  Watching them grow and become independent people has made me sad, but nothing makes me more proud or excited to be their mom than when they are learning and becoming stronger mentally and physically!”

lauren luna

Lauren, mother of 3

“My favorite thing about being a mother is seeing my children accomplish a goal and be proud of themselves. Whether it’s taking their first steps, building block castles, writing their name, learning how to read, or hitting a baseball, it’s so wonderful to see the joy in their faces when they’ve done something hard. Being able to help them achieve their goals and then their successes is invaluable. It means I get to be there for the hard and the happy times.”

Lorren Lemmons

Lorren, mother of 3

My favorite thing about being a mom is getting to know my kids. They are always changing and growing, and it is so fun (well, mostly! haha) to discover who they are becoming.”


Amy Kersey

Amy, mother of 2

“My favorite thing about being a mom (a boy mom specifically) is that the things I used to contend with my spouse over, I now see as strength through the life of my boys. I’m able to honor things in their dad that used to have my head spinning. I also love being a mom because the joy, fun, play, and excitement, that they bring to life is astounding. And they bring the unexpected- snuggles, tears, joy, pain, patience. Collectively it all makes for a pretty amazing experience.”


Aishah, mother of 3

“What I love about being a mom is how life seems like it has more of a purpose. I’m striving for things more because of my children. One thing I’ve always said too is that I’m not the one teaching them, but rather they teach me more about life than I can imagine .❤️”

Brandee team photo

Brandee, mother of 3

“My favorite thing about being a mom is that my kids’ crazy fun silliness brings out the silly kid in me and helps relieve some of that “adult” pressure. I love that my kids freely enjoy life.”


Dani Wade-bio pic

Dani, mother of 3

“My favorite part of being a mom is so many things. It’s how my kids suddenly do something unexpected that completely shows their personality; or when they make me laugh at their sense of humor; or when I melt with their thoughtfulness and kindness. I don’t always feel like I’m a good mom. But when my child can come home and tell me he stood up for a friend against a class bully, I know I did something right. Sometimes the “I picked you a flower mom” is actually a weed you’re allergic to; the “look at the treasure I found” is a hardened piece of chewed gum. But it’s worth it when they smile and hug you.”



Ashley Dolar

Ashley, mother of 1

I love the joy–the way she snuggles up and reads books with me or how she jumps into my arms after preschool. It’s all exciting, and I get to be a part of her discoveries.”

Suzanne Paulo

Suzanne, mother of 3

“The rewards of being a mom are many so it is hard to choose, but I really love seeing their distinct personalities emerge as they mature and find their own way in life. I also love knowing that I have given the world three people that will make it a better place…you’re welcome. ?”



jennifer Dodrill

Jennifer, mother of 5

“What I love about being a mother – the friendships I have with my kids now that they’re all grown. It is wonderful to see them become their own person and get to be a part of their adult life!”