Hello from Amie Glazier and Rachel Carpenter!

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Meet Amie & Rachel – your new Military Moms Blog owners!

Both of us have been contributors on Military Moms Blog since it began in 2017. We have seen what Julie and Christy started and nurtured; we watched this site and community grow month by month into something amazing. So when the chance to become an owner was presented, we were both intrigued and excited.

Each of us has taken on different roles behind the scenes here, but taking ownership has been a new and exciting challenge. Our predecessors have left some mighty big shoes to fill! We also want to ensure that we continue their mission of providing a space for military spouses and families to find information and community, no matter their location or military affiliation. 

As owners, we are excited to take this site and this community into a new year and a new decade! We are bringing on new team members with even more military experience to share; we will be working with partners to bring more resources and information to you; and we will continue to provide a space for parents and military families of all locations, backgrounds, and beliefs to share and connect.

We thank you for your support – read below for a little information about each of us!

Amie Glazier: Co-Owner and Director of Sales

Three years ago my family was stationed in Oklahoma City, I was writing for our sister site, Oklahoma City Moms Blog, and we were preparing to PCS to Florida. I was devastated to leave the OKC Moms Blog community though. So when I heard that Military Moms Blog was forming, I excitedly applied. In addition to contributing monthly, I have also worked on a few special projects including The Holiday Gift Guide and organizing MilMB’s first ever event, Bloom. When the opportunity for ownership came up, it felt like a no-brainer answer for me: YES! 

I have been on the MilMB contributor team since day one, and I have loved not only the platform to write, but also the community. Our team of 33 writers spans a 19-hour time zone difference, and I have only met one in person. Yet, I have grown to know and love these women so well. And that is the true power of the Military Moms Blog community. The stories you read here transcend military affiliation, motherhood, and cultural boundaries to show us all the truth: we are not on this journey alone. 

My husband is a pilot in the Navy and currently stationed in Pensacola, FL, but we are about to PCS to a base outside of Seattle in a few weeks. I’m trading the sunshine state for the rain, and I will thoroughly miss wearing shorts and flip flops in the winter! We have four small kids: a 5 year-old boy, a 3 year-old boy, an almost 2 year-old girl, and a 1 month-old baby boy. Parenting this brood is chaotic, but when asked how I am handling a newborn in the midst of all these changes, my response is, “I haven’t slept in five years, so why start now?” 

When I’m not building and managing the Military Moms Blog community, you can find me listening to political thrillers on audio book, running half-marathons, binge-watching Hallmark movies, and enjoying a pint while watching (and pretending to help) my husband home-brew. I am epically in love with Costco and believe a smorgasbord of samples makes the best lunch. If I had to describe myself using Crayola Crayon colors, I would be “Vivacious Violet” because I am bright and bubbly and love a good alliteration.

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Rachel Carpenter: Co-Owner & Editor

Aloha! I’m Rachel, and if you cannot guess, I’m currently stationed in Hawaii with my family. My husband serves as an Air Force Special Warfare Operater as a TACP; in over 16 years of marriage, he has been away for nearly half of it. Despite this, his job has also afforded us the opportunity to live in amazing places and to see more of the world than I ever thought I would. We have three daughters and one son. I’m raising all teenagers, middle schoolers, and preschoolers – it is never dull and not for the faint of heart, and I love nearly every second of it.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Management Studies. I’ve worked in multiple industries and settings, never quite finding a job or career that I “loved” or forced to move when things were finally going well (military life, right?). I was in the midst of another fruitless job search when a friend informed me that a mutual acquaintance was founding Military Moms Blog. I have always been a writer, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to serve and work with a larger community of military spouses.

Since joining Military Moms Blog in 2017, I have found that sweet spot; something I love, that I excell in, and that I can take with me. Like Amie said, I feel like I can call everyone here a friend and have only met a few in person. This group, ever evolving, has become something I cherish and am proud to be a part of. And now I get to humbly add the role of Co-Owner and Editor for this team and this community!

When I’m not editing here or learning more about SEO than my brain can handle, you can find me drinking more coffee than I should and reading anything I can get my hands on. I make a yearly reading goal on Goodreads of 100 books! Sarcasm is my second language, and it physically pains me when people use horrible grammar (usually my husband). I’m also obsessed with kombucha, Instagram, music, and anything quirky.



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