This has been the craziest year. We all became homeschoolers, whether we wanted to be or not. We’ve seen fires, murder hornets, and the death of Mr. Peanut. There’s been an impeachment hearing, an election, race riots, and the death of a beloved Supreme Court justice. We went months without sports, travel, and sometimes without toilet paper. We redefined “essential” and all tried to find a way to work remotely. And let’s not forget that Tiger King was so popular it became a TikTok dance sensation. Weird, right?

A Hard Year for Moms

While we laugh about the unconventionality of the year 2020, we’ve also been faced with some difficult obstacles that didn’t go away as soon as we hoped they would. In fact, we’re still meeting these challenges every day. Our kids are at home. We have to wear masks. People we know and love have become sick. We may have even contracted COVID-19, ourselves. We can’t keep up with the current protocols, quarantine mandates, and social distancing guidelines. We don’t know if our test results are accurate, if our treatment options are useful, or if our news is reliable. It’s been a hard year.

As moms, one fact we can depend on regardless of the world’s circumstances is that our children need us. Several reports suggest that many women have recently taken a mass exodus from the jobs, choosing to supervise their children’s schooling at home, instead of going to the office. While many of us are able to work remotely, many have had to choose between our children and our jobs.

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I’ve heard it said that moms are often the thermostat of their homes. When mom is tense, the family is tense. When mom is relaxed, the family is relaxed. When mom is so stressed out that she’s drinking wine at breakfast and hiding candy bars in the medicine cabinet… well, you get the idea.


Finally, a Real Solution for Military Moms

Thankfully, a wonderful company called Instant Teams Academy (ITA) has risen from the ashes of 2020 and is offering military-connected families the opportunity to rise above as well. In 2016, two women from uprooted military families combined efforts and created ITA to help other military families find consistent, steady, sustainable remote work opportunities. Now they’re inviting us to join them.

When you enroll with ITA, you receive ten weeks of training in a live or on-demand online setting. You receive verifiable, industry-recognized certification along with resume help, interview practice, and strategic job search personalization. As military families, we know the value of a good support system, and ITA offers us an exclusive community that will assist us, endorse us, and keep us in-the-know and up-to-date on the current trends in our fields of work. 

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What I love most about ITA is that they are offering us the ability to start long-term, stable careers, making over $50,000 a year, right where we are. We can PCS a dozen times and not leave our jobs. We can work remotely and still care for our families.

Work Remotely

If you’d like to join over 10,000+ military spouses around the world working in remote teams in the fields of customer service, marketing, and business development, then visit Instant Teams Academy at 

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are our own.