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AMSE logoThis post is sponsored by our partner, the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs. AMSE is an exclusive community for military spouse entrepreneurs to learn how to launch, build, or scale their own business. Founded by Moni Jefferson and Flossie Hall in 2019, AMSE is an exclusive space for military spouses to connect, learn, and empower themselves with the tools needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Join the AMSE community here.

Motherhood is a lot. Many modern mothers are now juggling the responsibilities of motherhood along with trying to achieve their entrepreneurial and small business dreams. 

Being a mother is so rewarding, even with all the challenges.

Many of us can say that being a mom comes naturally, or at least we finally got it down (for the most part). I know when I was pregnant with my first child, I was excited, but anxious because I had never been a mother before. I turned to podcasts specifically for new moms. Listening to experienced mothers talk about anything from what to expect when expecting, to life with baby and beyond, truly gave me the confidence I needed. Now I have two boys, three and one years old, and I still turn to podcasts and communities led by moms for support. 

At this point in my life, I balance home, family, and work, as a new business owner and entrepreneur.

In the beginning, I had no clue where to start. Not until a military spouse friend recommended AMSE, did I finally get my stride as a mompreneur. I tuned in to their podcast AMSE Owning Up!, and I never looked back.

What woman doesn’t like a community or tribe of women to support them? I know I do! This podcast is just that. AMSE is here to provide support for entrepreneurs by sharing true stories of entrepreneurship through their amazing podcast: Owning Up! 

Every week, we share true stories of entrepreneurship as told by those who best know the grind of starting, running, and owning a business while living the military life (AMSE).

Owning Up! podcast graphicAMSE’s Owning Up is a podcast that features amazing entrepreneurs discussing this entrepreneurial journey, specifically focusing on those owning up moments. It is co-hosted by Flossie Hall and Moni Jefferson, the amazing co-founders of AMSE.

Every time I tune in to a podcast episode, these inspiring hosts and guests (many mothers and entrepreneurs) share true stories of entrepreneurship. They share their experiences starting, running, and owning their businesses – all while not only navigating the entrepreneurial life but crushing it as mothers dealing with the everyday military life. 

Motherhood and military life is definitely a lot, but we can do anything when we support each other as women in the military community. 

Every time I begin an episode, I immediately feel a part of the conversation. I know I am not alone as a mother and entrepreneur. No matter if we fail, we fail forward together.

Tune in to the AMSE Owning Up! podcast so you don’t have to walk this mompreneurial journey alone. We got this!

Want to be a guest? All you have to do is nominate yourself or another powerhouse mompreneur.

Go to https://www.amse.co/the-podcast and fill out the application form to share why you would be a great fit as a guest on Owning Up!

Listen in to Owning Up as AMSE shares the truth behind entrepreneurship. Subscribe through your favorite podcast app, or go directly here!

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