My 5 Favorite Winter Gear Items

Man using snow blower to clear walk way in several feet of snow.

I saw the sun today. It makes me feel like winter might just be coming to a close. I also feel like that just might be the naivety of a first-time-up-state-New York transplant. For better or worse we’ve had lake effect snow, sleet, and bomb blizzards. Name a type of frozen-ish precipitation and we’ve experienced it during our first winter in New York. I have bought a lot of new winter gear. Some in preparation before our move here and a whole lot more right smack dab in the middle of all the winter coming down around us. I thought it might be nice to compile a list of my top 5 favorite winter gear items so you can bookmark these links and when they hit a sale you can jump on them.

Disclaimer: Military Mom Collective receives no compensation for these links. These are all my personal items that I actually own and took photos of by the door to my garage. (So fancy, I know)

  1. Recharable Hand Warmer

Rechargable Hand WarmerMy sister-in-law bought this for me. And let me tell you. It is so handy (get it? You hold it hold it in your hands…). It holds a nice long charge and fits right in my pocket. It’s been great for long walks or sitting outside during blustery sports. I even stuck it in the bottom of my mittens while I was removing snow one day. It’s affordable, super cute, and easy to carry.



  1. Omni- Heat

Omni Heat Winter JacketI’m going to be honest. I don’t know what Omni-Heat is except that it is shiny. And I want an entire winter wardrobe lined in deliciously shiny reflective Omni-Heat. For deep sub-zero temps I have an ankle-length down parka. But for runs to the store, school pick up, and any other activity that I am not needing to feel like I could hike the actual Arctic Tundra, I have loved a light-weight Omni-Heat jacket. It is so cozy. Great news if you live near an Army Post or other Military Base: The PX/BX often carries Columbia gear at a discount and tax free. I got a great deal on this coat!


  1. Lightweight Snow Boots

This was great advice given by a friend who had experienced a lot of long cold winterWinter boots weather. Heavy duty snow pack boots (pictured on the left) are great for heavy snow clearing and playing with the kids. But when you’re wearing boots for literally months those heavy suckers can wreak havoc on your knees and ankles. She suggested a lightweight boot. Great news! Sorel has awesome sales and I got mine 50% off. Any trusted brand that has a light weight every day boot would be great to have as you run errands and do daily life where you’re not necessarily trudging through deep snow. The ones linked here are as light as tennis shoes and I’ve worn them every day for months and they have provided great support and held up beautifully.

  1. The Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel

This is going to sound dramatic. But try to remember that this winter we not only had lakeElectriv Snow Shovel effect snow that dropped 5 feet of snow in 48 hours, but we also had a “bomb blizzard.” We have lived through some stuff, ok? My husband said this electric snow shovel is the best thing he’s ever bought. It’s so light weight our 7-year-old can use it. It handles 2-6 inches of snow like a champ, shooting it 20 feet in front of where you are shoveling. On the mornings and days where my husband hasn’t been around and I didn’t want to deal with managing our massive snow blower, this was such a life saver; not to mention a back-saver. No lifting and throwing snow here. Just point that puppy where you want the snow to go, and you’ll never look back!

  1. Boot and Glove Dryer

Boot DryerMy husband wasn’t on board with this purchase that I got 50% off on Amazon Prime day. He thought it a little frivolous. But our first winter here has made him a believer. It holds up to 2 pairs of boots or a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. I love this for when the kids come in from playing in the snow (any number of the 6 times a day they gear completely up and then come back in). I put their boots on the dryer and all their other gear in our actual dryer. This has a 2-hour timer, so it shuts off automatically and a heat or no-heat drying option. During our blizzard conditions my husband would come in to take a break from clearing snow and put his boots on so they were dry and toasty (with the heat option) for when he headed back out. More than once between PT and work I would put his Army boots on to help him start the day with toasty toes. Needless to say, our household has grown accustomed to warm boots, and we’ll never give them up now.

I’ve learned a lot this winter. But what I’ve learned the most is: I refuse to be cold. So, whatever that takes as far as gear, sign me up. I want quality things that are going to last and also help me not just survive winter but thrive in it. If you’re like me and acclimating (or will be acclimating soon) to a colder climate, I hope this list will help as you navigate the new normal of everyday snow boots and never doing your hair because it’s always in a hat. Good luck out there, friends. And stay warm!