Quiz: Which Holiday Mocktail is for You?

Holiday Mocktail

It’s that time of year again for parties, family gatherings and enjoying special treats. Start a new holiday tradition this year by including one of these festive mocktails at your next soirée. Take this fun quiz to see which beverage best suits you or try them all, and you be the judge! Happy Holidays and Happy Sipping! 

Photo by M.S. Meeuwesen on Unsplash


The holiday movie you watch on repeat every year is…

A. Anything that’s playing on the Hallmark Channel 

B. Elf 

C. A Christmas Story

D. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 


Your idea of getting dressed up to celebrate the season includes…

A. Matching holiday sweaters with your bestie/Mom/significant other

B. An elf costume, reindeer headband, or dressing up like Santa 

C. Family holiday pj’s for that perfect holiday photo op

D. Going all out glam for a night on the town 


The best holiday party has…

A. A cookie swap that you bring your signature treats to every year

B. Multiple Christmas trees throughout the house and bonus points for themed rooms

C. Mariah Carey on repeat

D. A hilarious white elephant gift exchange or ugly sweater contest 


A holiday tradition you love is…

A. Driving the whole fam around the local neighborhoods to see the decorations as you sip hot cocoa and play your favorite holiday tunes

B. Reclaiming your title of most festive house on the block with all the inflatables on your lawn 

C. Baking holiday goodies as a family even if that means cramming into your tiny kitchen to do so

D. Hosting your annual brunch for your friends on New Year’s Day


Mostly A’s: You’re a sucker for the holidays and probably start decorating on November 1.  A new Hallmark movie, making your own hot chocolate bombs or decorating homemade ornaments gets you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy the sweetest parts of the season with a drink as traditional as you are with this homemade eggnog recipe. It’s sure to be as warm and toasty as your favorite slippers. 


Mostly B’s: A kid at heart, you love celebrating the season with childlike wonder. You’re more likely to be found ice skating with your fam than spending the evening at a cocktail party. Get the kids in the kitchen to make this three ingredient Grinch Punch, then rewatch whatever version of the Dr. Seuss classic you call your own. 


Mostly C’s: The holidays are all about family time for you. Your perfect day ends with a roaring fire as you snuggle in your matching family pjs, which you buy a new set of every year, sipping hot cocoa. Try this twist on the drink of the season with a Slow Cooker Peppermint Hot Chocolate for a nonalcoholic treat that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  


Mostly D’s: You like your holiday full of sparkle and shine. Getting glammed up for a girl’s night out, or enjoying a fancy dinner with your partner is your favorite way to celebrate the season. Try this pretty, non-boozy take on a mimosa to add some fizz to your next holiday happy hour. Flute glass and garnish, mandatory!