Embracing Your Overseas Orders


So you received orders to move overseas? You may be scared of the unknown. You may be sad to sell your house or leave behind your friends. If you have kids, you may be dreading the fact that they have to start a new school. And if you are pregnant, you are, for sure, a bit nervous about expanding your family in a foreign land.

All of this is completely normal, but I am here to tell you that you are about the embark on an amazing adventure, filled with memories that you will never forget. 

Think about the new culture you are about to experience. Think about the excitement that goes along with the possibility of living in a neighborhood among people who can teach you about the local soil or bring you some of their favorite dishes. Imagine the pure joy you will have the day your children can count to ten in another language or the day they befriend someone who can’t even speak the same language as them.  Remember that fun introduction game where you have to name one thing that is fascinating about yourself? Well, your new babe will always have an amazing fact to share. They were born in another country! 

There are so many emotions that go along with a permanent change of station (PCS), but add in the additional element of moving to another country, and it can be downright scary. Embrace the change and think about how lucky you are. Most Americans could never dream about living in another country, but the military gives us that capability. It assists us in our move, it pays us a bit more to make it easier to adjust to the cost of living, and, most importantly, it supports the community that we make overseas. 

Get out and explore. Send your preschooler to school off base and be prepared to be amazed at how much he or she soaks up in that brain. Visit the local farmers markets and eat out at a neighborhood restaurant. Try to live off base, when able, so you can really experience the culture. Join the local women’s club, so you can meet locals and other spouses who are interested in learning new cultures. These are opportunities that most will never have.

Sure, it is scary. But, know that no matter what, you are supported and loved. It may just be the best thing to ever happen to you.