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PCS round up

Helping Kids Prosper Through PCS Season: 1

Her life was changing, cardboard boxes or not. And for military kids who are so often asked to deal with monumental life changes, maybe it’s the little things that can throw them off balance. Maybe it’s seemingly imperceptible changes, the ones we adults barely register, that have the biggest impact. After all, we have so little control over our military lives. Imagine the powerlessness our little ones must feel. 

Helping Kids Prosper Through PCS Season: 2

Parenting military children is no easy feat. Big life changes almost always equal big feelings — as they should. But navigating those sometimes murky waters needn’t be overwhelming. Our children are capable of thriving, given we dedicate ourselves to mindfulness and patience. After all, resiliency is not simply bestowed upon our children for having endured.

How to Handle That PCS Funk

Moving is a logistical nightmare, and for a type-A, control freak, it sometimes feels like my whole world is spiraling out of control.

Undesirable/Unexpected Orders: How to Cope

So what do you do when that happens? What do you do when you get orders to a place that terrifies you? Or a place that is the exact opposite of what you’re used to? Or simply a place that was never on your radar to begin with? Well, before I answer that, let me paint you a picture.

Base Housing Doesn’t Have to Be Basic

At some point in a military career, you are likely to live in military base housing or some type of off-base, privatized housing. Here, find 8 ways to make your home a little less basic and a little more fabulous.

Overseas and Unsupported: 5 Tips for Transition

Though it came with many obstacles, this is by far the most interesting and eye opening ‘assignment’ of our career. I would offer five recommendations to anyone who finds their family in a similar situation.

PCSing with an Exceptional Family Member

Recently, my husband’s military record changed to reflect that he now has an “exceptional family member.” Prior to the diagnosis, nothing appeared amiss. Afterwards, I experienced an array of emotions ranging from shock and anger to hurt and fear.

Dealing with PCS Culture Shock One Tube Top at a Time

Every few years the military sweeps us from coast to coast and sometimes even OCONUS (Outside Continental United States). For a woman who grew up with a very defined hometown (hands up for Dallas, Texas!), a cosmopolitan upbringing, and extensive travels, I thought I had this in the bag. I didn’t. You don’t. I mean you might, but I doubt it. 

Famous Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Prospering After PCS: Becoming a Local in Your New City

I vowed not to do it again. Now I make a point to dive in headfirst to every new city we move to (we’re on our fifth new city in eight years!) and truly making it my home for as long as we’re there. Here are a few things I’ve found to be helpful once the boxes are unpacked and you find yourself in a brand new city.

10 Tips for PCSing with Pets to Avoid the Long Smelly Trip Down the Short Road to Insanity

From the moment the letters PCS are uttered, I inevitably morph into an only slightly less insane version of Gordan Ramsey. Moving sucks, and not just for you. If I have learned anything from my conversations with Dr. Deter, advance preparation is essential for a seamless move with your pets. Here, find some tips, tricks, and musts for traveling domestically with dogs and cats, so hopefully your next move will be slightly less insane and smelly than it needs to be.

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