Like you, many of the contributors of Military Moms Blog have had a Permanent Change of Station this summer. With the way the military moves, there are always more to come. Our family is headed to Alaska this winter, and in the usual excitement, we keep talking about “our next house,” and all the things we’re hoping for. If not in this “next house,” maybe our dreams will come true in the next house.

 Here’s a silly poem with some of our wishes for future houses/apartments.


Dear Uncle Sam,

I’m really glad to be here,

The PCS went just fine,

But while we wait for HHG,

I thought I’d drop a line.


As soon as we got our orders,

I started Googling with glee.

For gyms and dance and coffee shops,

Providers for internet, and TV.


But let’s be real,

Real estate was really what I had in mind.

Should we rent or buy or live on post?

Will any choice be fine?


So here we sit, in our new house

New to us, it seems

And now I start my list again

And keep dreaming household dreams.


In our next house, I respectfully request

Walls as thick as thieves.

For that really might be the only way

That I  can get a small reprieve

from our neighbors joyful Something-Doodle

That I am terribly certain of,

Greets its owner five times a night with jumps and barks and love.


In our next house, what I’d really like,

For a little change of pace,

Are windows that are double pane

Or some extra BAH.


How ‘bout a yard with proper grass?

I won’t ask for a white picket fence

After years of living in fire ant country

I look forward to a rest from defense.


To lie on the green blades, and not worry much

About what could be crawling this way.

I might just relax with a book and some snacks

But how much in lawn care would I pay?


Would it hurt too much, in our next house,

Would it be just too much trouble,

Sometime to cook two things at once?

My heart yearns for ovens double.


Every time we move, of course,

Within the very first week

We go to Home Depot and fill a cart.

We have to make some tweaks

to the place we now live,

With shelves too tall or short or non-existent

There’s always some changes, some additions to make

At least that is consistent!


When our friends come over,

They love our small  house and say it has such character

I say thank you so much, but someday I’d rather say

Come over, the more the merrier.


And I’m sure in our next house,

There won’t be a mess and the floors will all be self-cleaning.

It might be too much to ask, perhaps.

But hey, you can’t stop me from dreaming.


What’s on your list for your next house? Tell us what you’d add to our list!