The Most Random Things You Google When You Move


It’s no secret we mommas turn to Google when we find out where our new duty station is going to be. As soon as my husband got his orders last year, we celebrated only for a brief moment and then both whipped out our phones and laptops to do some lengthy research on our new future home. Of course, we did our due diligence on finding the best school system for our kids and asked around about different neighborhoods.

But then I got curious about my future city. Where was my new Trader Joe’s going to be? What’s the best coffee shop? Most importantly (well, maybe not most important, but it’s high up there), is there a Target?

I knew I couldn’t be the only one to resort to Google about these random things, so I’ve asked quite a few other military moms what are the most random things they Google when they find about their new future home. After reading all the responses, I can sigh a sigh of relief in knowing I wasn’t the only one who searched for these things! So, here it is.

The Most Random Things You Google When You Move


Where is Trader Joe’s?

More than 13 minutes away and I’m gonna say “no” to that house. Our real estate agent actually looks up ahead of time the distance from TJ’s before we even look at each potential house.

Coffee Shops

Do I even to need to explain this one?

Is there an Aldi’s?

Because I’m not moving there if there isn’t.

Best gyms with childcare

It is fairly hard to do pushups with a toddler on your back.


Amen to this! My church family has been there for me through thick and thin.

Best Hairdresser

I weep inside every time I have to find a new one.

Closest Starbucks with a Drive-Thru

Where’s my PSL?

How close is Target

This was, by far, the most popular answer! Gotta have my Dollar Spot.

Best place to get your eyebrows waxed

‘Cuz you won’t be invited back to play dates with those overgrown eyebrows.

Alcohol Sale Rules

There’s something so comforting about buying my meat and tequila at the same place and time.

Libraries and Book Stores

“Lack of education. Ka-blam! Elimination.”

(Fox and Hound quote)

Where’s the closest dog park?

Doggie friends are important, too.

Best cell service in the area

Can you hear me now?

Sporting Goods Store

So I can buy my comfy yoga pants.

Bible studies with childcare

My Bible has torn pages due to my children.

How far away is Sephora?

I need my custom makeover!


Self-care is important. Do your research in good doctors!

Walking Trails

Ones with no snakes, please.

Best Spa

This momma needs a massage.

Biking Routes

With coffee shops along the way.

Best bakeries

And is there a walking trail to it?

Best Indoor Play Places

For when it snows in April.

Where is Whole Foods?

For those two times a year I decide to eat organic.

Average Temperatures

How hot does it really get? Do I need a parka? Is there even a winter?

Best Place for a Spray Tan

Especially if you’re in a place with only clouds!

If there’s a Texas Roadhouse within 30 miles

Those rolls, though.

How far away is Costco?

I need 20 pounds of flour. And diapers.

Best Nail Salon

One that serves wine, please.

Crime Reports

This determines whether or not I need to invest in a security system.

Best hole-in-the-wall restaurants

Everyone knows these are the best for date nights.

Family-friendly restaurants

Or the closest Chick-fil-A. That works, too.

Best Mexican restaurant

Guac and Margaritas, anyone?

Facebook groups

I think this may be one of the most important Google searches. Facebook groups at different duty stations help connect you with others in similar life situations as you. Here, you can ask questions without judgment and really get to know your new city. Military spouses have found their village through Facebook groups! Several moms reported already feeling part of a group before they even moved. I personally have experience in feeling connected before I even moved when I found a spouse group through my husband’s residency program. When you find out your new duty station, find a Facebook group for it immediately!

Moving to a new place is scary and exciting all at the same time. Thankfully, there is a wonderful online community here at Military Moms Blog and other Facebook groups who are supportive and all “get it.” Through deployments, countless moves, births of new children, and navigating the military lingo, you can find wonderful support with other military spouses online and in person.

So, tell me, what random things do you Google when you move?