Hello Claire, My New Breast Friend from Sarah Wells Bags

My new Claire bag and my little man who I'm honored to pump for!
My new Claire bag and my little man who I’m honored to pump for!

After my daughter was born, I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to continue breastfeeding exclusively once I returned to work. I had no idea if pumping throughout my work day was going to be successful.

In an effort to prepare myself, I did a ton of research on the perfect breast pump bag — something I knew I needed to tackle my goal of pumping at work. Fortunately, I stumbled across Sarah Wells Bags in my internet research.

Sarah Wells is a mom/entrepreneur who was dismayed after her first daughter was born to find that she couldn’t find a stylish all-in-one pump bag. 

So Sarah Wells decided to create her own pump bag, and all the pumping moms rejoiced!

I honestly believe part of the reason I was so successful in my pumping journey was because of her bag. Her bags are so stylish and streamlined, no one will know that you’re carrying a pump.

And let me tell you, it was a great to be able to walk into the office with just one bag that didn’t scream to the world that I was lactating.

Sarah Wells is a mom for moms, and I love seeing each new design and new prints that she comes out with. When the announcement that a new bag was coming just in time for me to return to work after my son was born I was intrigued.

(Not because I couldn’t use my previous bag — it’s still in amazing shape, but a girl can treat herself!)

Hello Claire! Wow! Claire is a Sarah Wells newly released and upgraded, sleek pump bag and my new breast friend! She is absolutely gorgeous! And guess what? The all black design is compliant with a military uniform so the Active Duty mom can carry it to work!

Claire comes in two color combinations: black with a red/orange interior and brown with a baby blue interior. As with all of Sarah Wells’ bags, she has two insulated pockets on each side to store your pump, pump parts, milk, or any other use you can think of!

Each side pocket comes with a photo slip, so you can put a picture of your baby in to help you with letdown — this was a huge help for me while pumping at work.


A new upgrade with Claire is that now when you are no longer using the pockets, you are able to clip them down on the inside to provide you with even more room.

Another amazing upgrade is that there is now a designated space to clip your laptop in to keep it snug and secure! I’m a huge fan of that!

Organized Space

Claire has tons of organized storage space for you to put all your needs neatly away so that you are able to find things quickly (a must for any mom). She also comes with a luggage sleeve. This means that you traveling mommas can be hands-free going through the airport!

Ready for this part? You can zip up the bottom of the luggage sleeve to use it for extra storage as a pocket when not in use.

I know what you are thinking. It will probably unzip and you will lose whatever you decide to put in that pocket.


Inside of Claire with one pocket clipped down and my laptop in its designated sleeve!

Sarah Wells designed a clip for you to attach the zipper to so it won’t come undone! There is also another small slip pocket on the back — I’ve used this to put my cell phone in for easy access. And the slip pocket is on the back, so I have it against my body so no one else can pull it out. Seriously this bag has everything you need and space for it all!

I could continue to go on about the amazing fabric (strong, durable, and easy to clean!), how professional it looks (I mean, look at the pictures!), all the storage space, and all the little thoughtful details in this bag, but instead, I want to take a moment to stress the most important part about Sarah Wells Bags — my bag helped me in my pumping journey, which is the most important part of having a pump bag.

Claire’s laptop sleeve!

Claire will fit everything you need: your pump, its parts, your laptop, keys, phone, lunch, and so much more! Again, the absolute best part is that no one will think you are carrying around a pump bag, just a stylish handbag! She retails for $140 and is worth every penny!

I’m also a big fan of supporting other moms and Sarah Wells is a mom with a huge passion for other moms on their mothering journeys.

If you are a working/pumping mom, you need Claire in your life. She might become your new breast friend. She is definitely mine, and I can’t wait to return to work with her by my side!

Check out Claire along with the rest of Sarah Wells’ designs at sarahwellsbags.com, or on Sarah Wells’ Instagram and Facebook pages.

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