Pleased as Punch with My Breast Pump


I am wary of crowdsourcing many of my life questions. To say I’m reluctant to ask for parenting opinions, political advice or other serious topics on Facebook would be an understatement. But, I do love the Internet when it’s helpful. I have found that I like getting recommendations for products and restaurants on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Thanks to a few military Facebook groups, I found a flat iron I love, a wonderful Brazilian steakhouse in San Antonio, and a breast pump provider — plus a recommendation for the perfect breast pump that didn’t whine and could be delivered directly to my door.

The month my second daughter was due, I had a crazy middle of the night thought that maybe I should start thinking about a breast pump. I turned to a local military mom’s forum on Facebook to see what the ladies were thinking. Where was everyone getting their pump? I was excited to get a pump through Tricare since it wasn’t a benefit when I had my first daughter. My old pump was OK, but something about the mechanical whine, loud whooshing, old tubing, lost parts from PCSing … it just didn’t get me excited about using it again.

The consensus recommendation from the Facebook group was The Breastfeeding Shop. People told me how easy it was to upload a picture of my prescription to my phone, and then poof my pump would arrive in days!

 I liked its site, and the process looked simple. The comparison chart was easy to use, and I just had to look at the categories that were important to me: Adjustable speed, Single Pumping, Double Pumping, Closed System, Dual Voltage, Battery Options, Tote/Carry Bag, Weight. 

I guessed with Baby #2, I wouldn’t be pumping much on the go, so the weight and portability wasn’t a big deal to me. The Spectra S2 was my choice. I knew the adjustable speed would be helpful as well as how quiet it was. This made it, so I was able to pump in the night and not wake up my husband with the airy, puffy, high-pitched sound of being milked by machine.

Ordering from The Breastfeeding Shop was so simple. I used my smartphone to take a picture of the prescription and then several days before my daughter was born, the pump came in the mail. I ordered the pump on my laptop, but the company also has an app where you can complete your order and upload the picture with your phone. It’s all so freakishly easy.

The app has general ordering information as well as a Flange sizing chart, Feeding tracker and Pump Production Log. 

Sure enough, I loved the cool new pump, and it was one of the few things that wasn’t a hassle.

When my daughter was born, she broke her clavicle. Then, in the first several weeks, we went in for ultrasounds on her hips and spine to address some serious concerns. I was busy keeping my new baby in long sleeved bodysuits so that we could pin her arm to her shirt to keep it immobilized so the clavicle could heal. I felt truly grateful to have already received my pump and not have that be an issue on top of everything else.

My pump and I spent a lot of quality time together getting ready for a week-long cruise last year.  

I was able to order extra bags from The Breastfeeding Shop so I could pump around 100 ounces before leaving. I wanted to keep breastfeeding even after the cruise, so me, the husband, and my trusty Spectra S2 all went to Mexico and Honduras.

They say there’s no crying over spilled milk, but I wanted to cry as I had to pump-and -dump 3 times a day down that tiny sink drain on the ship. 

Pumping made it so we could party.

My daughter turned one earlier this year, and the issues at birth have gone away. She is happy and healthy. One thing has remained, though, I’m still using the pump. We have turned into what I think they call extended breastfeeding (my secret weapon for airplane travel), and I find that I still need my pump occasionally.

On the occasion that I’ve thought, “Naw, I’m good, I won’t need to take my pump on the fun overnight Girls Trip to Waco, right?” I was sorely, pun intended, wrong. I made a mistake I won’t be repeating. Later this year, I’m attending a conference ALONE (i.e. a vacation), and you better believe my breast friend, Spectra S2, is coming along.

When I heard Military Mom’s Blog was partnering with The Breastfeeding Shop I was excited because this wonderful company made my life easier. We moms need all the help we can get. I truly have been pleased as punch with my pump and my experience with The Breastfeeding Shop.

Military Moms Blog is thrilled to be in partnership with The Breastfeeding Shop. This is a sponsored post.