This week on the blog – in conjunction with The Breastfeeding Shop – we are thrilled to run a series of posts on breastfeeding in honor of World Breastfeeding Week. World Breastfeeding Week started August 1st and runs through Monday, August 7. It is a global movement for action to promote, protect and support breastfeeding by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Check back tomorrow and scroll through the last two days of posts to read more of our stories on our journeys with breastfeeding, which we hope will create a safe and honest space for continued dialogue. And be sure to check out The Breastfeeding Shop, a Tricare preferred provider of breast pumps and accessories. To learn more about The Breastfeeding Shop, visit its website at 

The Nitty-Gritty

Breastfeeding is a big commitment that comes with the added stresses of nursing in public, keeping supply up, and cluster feedings. As a military spouse, one thing you should not have to worry about is your breast pump!

I didn’t find this out until my third trimester, but you can get a high quality breast pump for free through your TRICARE insurance. Feel free to do your happy dance now. 


All you have to do is get a prescription from your healthcare provider. You can do this before OR after the birth of your baby. Then you can pick it up from the PX, commissary, or other designated retail/online store (ask your provider or see TRICARE to find stores in your area). 


All new moms covered under TRICARE are eligible for a free breast pump. This also includes mothers who are adopting. 


Illustration by military spouse Cathy Surgeoner.

1. Breast pump: hospital grade, manual, or standard electronic (depending on what you and your healthcare provider feel would be best for you).

2. Supplies (included for up to 36 months after birth): adapters, tubes, etc.

3. EXCLUSIONS include: batteries, regular baby bottles, nursing bras, etc. 

*A full list can be found at TRICARE’s website.

Already purchased your pump?

No problem! All you have to do is hop on over to TRICARE’s site to file a reimbursement claim. The retroactive date for this is December 19, 2014.

More Questions?

Visit TRICARE to see its FAQ about its free breast pump program. 

This probably seems too good to be true, and I’ll admit I thought so too at first. But getting my pump was as easy as snapping my fingers. My doctor wrote the prescription the day I was released from the hospital, and my husband picked it up that same day. And we never had to pay a cent!

Not only was it a simple process, but it was an incredibly high quality pump. For a brand new mom dealing with all of the other expenses of pregnancy and a growing family, this was beyond helpful. 

Although I didn’t need to pump regularly, this was so great to have for the occasional date night or 10 hour road trip to see family. So whether you’re a new mom going back to work, or a new mom who just needs a few hours to herself, go to your health care provider and get your pump for FREE through TRICARE!

Are you breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed while using a breast pump? Did you get your pump through TRICARE? If so, what was your experience like?

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    • I completely agree that “fed is best”! I believe women should understand ALL of their options. Breastfeeding exclusively can be very hard and I think having pumped breast milk on hand (or having formula) is great!

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