What do you like to watch or stream?

My typical TV choice involves violence and mystery. I am a big fan of the cop/investigation type shows, which sometimes leave me with some interesting and action-packed dreams. But with all the craziness going on and the extra stressors each day brings, I have been in need of fun shows. I need shows I can watch on a Saturday morning or any night before bed; ones I can start or end the day with and still remain in a good mood.

So here are my five picks for feel good and funny shows that I recommend you check out on Hulu:

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

zoey's extraordinary playlist show

The basic premise of this show is that Zoey can hear the inner thoughts and feelings of those around her in the form of a song. Of course, those around her do not know they are singing. She listens to their songs/problems and has to try to figure out how to help them. It is a fun show, with many full songs and dance numbers. There is also grief, friendship, and love. Some episodes take you on a ride of emotions, but most end on a feel-good note.


songland show

I am so glad I discovered Songland!  This show is not about singing; instead, it is all about songwriting. Major producers and songwriters Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder help find undiscovered songwriters to write for major artists. The artists pick three songwriters to work with each producer and pitch their song to them. They chose the winning song, and it is performed and recorded on their album. 

The second season has just begun on Hulu but unfortunately, the first season has been removed. Artists like John Legend, the Jonas Brothers, Charlie Puth and others have been a part of this show. It is a nice change from the singing contests and pretty cool to see behind the scenes of the songwriting process.



The Masked Singer

the masked singer show

The Masked Singer is all fun! It is a must-see. This show is not just about singing. It’s about the character and the clues. This show has celebrities from all walks of life: actors and actresses, famous athletes from all sports, singers, rappers, theater stars, tv hosts, politicians, and more. They dress up in amazing costumes and supply clues as to who they are before their performance.

Nick Cannon is the host and the panel of judges include Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong. These judges are everything to this show. They have great chemistry and keep you laughing. 3 seasons are on Hulu and believe me, they have some big-name performers!

Single Parents

single parents show

This show embodies the ridiculous, crazy, adventure that parenthood puts you on. All the characters are single parents for different reasons, and they lean on each other for support and friendship. Their kids have big personalities as well. This is an enjoyable show about friendship and parenting. Its all comedy with 21 minutes of laughs. Some of the actors you may recognize include Brad Garrett and Leighton Meester. Whatever your parenting and/or relationship status is, you will identify with these characters and situations.



Bless This Mess

bless this mess show

Another comedy, Bless This Mess, is about a couple who move from New York City to a farm and farmhouse in Nebraska. The show centers around their hilarious journey of trying to fit in with the locals and learn how to run a farm. The cast includes the funny Dax Shepard and Lake Bell. Two seasons currently on Hulu.

What are your feel-good picks for Hulu or TV? Share with us and give us something new to watch!