Attainable December Resolutions

holiday tidings and presents on wood table


Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

One of my best friends sent me a TikToK where a woman shared her resolutions for 2020, made at the beginning of this wild year. By the end she was laughing out loud and crying and so was I.

It’s safe to say it’s been not what we expected, and many of my resolutions sure haven’t happened.

I’ve decided to make December Resolutions that are more attainable since it’s only 31 days and seems to have a more likely chance of success. Here they are:

    • Make a bucket list as a family. I know sugar cookie decorating will be on there, and I am here for it!
    • Remember to hide presents better. And by better, I mean increase security and not leave them on the table to find. It makes it much harder for them to be from Santa if they’re seen first. But also, not to hide them too well! Last year I was thrilled that both of my girls have birthdays in January since I definitely lost some presents that were lost to me until after Christmas.
    • Make stocking stuffers consumable. Things to eat and school supplies that will get used up. I would like to simplify, but not really in a Marie Kondo way. More in a fewer trinkets way.
    • Have lots of kitchen dance parties. Blast some music that we love and get down.
    • Begin new traditions. This year we’re starting traditions from the countries our family is from. I’m excited to celebrate St. Lucia Day on December 13th and try new-to-us Scandinavian recipes.
    • Find ways to help and give in our community.
    • Go on neighborhood holiday inflatable scouting walks. The bigger the decoration, the better.
    • Spend less time on my phone. STOP SCROLLING.
    • Wrap presents before Christmas Eve. I know some of you have your Christmas shopping done by October, and I applaud you. I am not there yet. I am just hoping to go to bed before 1 am on Christmas and without stressed ribbon-curling fingers.
    • Curse less while stringing lights on the tree.
    • Give up (again) the idea of a perfect holiday. The year won’t look like other years. Military families are accustomed to holidays away from family, so I’m planning on using my Flexibility superpower and do less wallowing. My goal is to be present with my little family and spread as much love from afar to all the people I’m missing.
    • Keep turning off “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Unless I’m with everyone I want to be with for Christmas, it’s just too sad.
  • Shop local as much as possible.
  • Simplify holiday cards. They’ll be going in the trash come January, so I’m considering digital or inexpensive ones printed at the drugstore. 
  • Embrace our duty station. It is most definitely not Mele Kalikimaka over here, but not everyone gets to live near a town called North Pole, Alaska. There are certain holiday traditions that work better here in the snow and we aim to take advantage of them! 

If you’re celebrating, may you hide presents well, but not too well. May your energy be near equal to the kids destroying your house. May your bucket list be manageable and your season be as simple and magical as it can be!