Easter Ideas in the time of COVID-19

easter eggs on straw

Times are wild, am I right?

I’ve been wanting to try some new things for Easter but COVID-19 has been messing with all my plans.  There are a lot of things we can’t do right now. But that shouldn’t stop us! Here are a few Easter ideas you can do to perk up your holiday with low brainpower and the things you have at home. 

Grow Something!

You can grow your own Easter grass using sprouting wheat in about 10 days. It’s better for the earth than plastic easter grass, and you can use it in a smoothie later if you like. This is a fairly simple project to do with kids and can be fun to check for sprouts. Plus it feels nice to grow something springy whether it looks like spring at your house or not!

Right now with so many things out of my control, I’m enjoying caring for something that only needs sun and water and gets great results very quickly. Growing our wheatgrass has been fun and almost calming. I spray the sprouts to keep them moist as part of my morning routine.

If you don’t have access to a natural/health food store, you could message your end-times, food storage prepared friend to see if you could borrow a few cups of wheat for your pretty little basket!

Experiment with Different Kinds of Easter Eggs.

painted rocks for craft activityI found some adorable fabric easter eggs from an Etsy store I love.  They lay flat for storage and can be reused again and again. You can buy the pattern and sew your own or buy them already made. 

I’ve seen many people painting rocks, so why not paint them into easter eggs? You can paint them yourself or have the kids paint them for each other while you scroll through Twitter and eat Cadbury mini eggs (or your Easter candy of choice).


Facetime Easter Dinner

Our Easter dinners may be a little different this year due to social distancing. As military families, many of us are already far away from our families or friends. We try to maintain a no phones at the dinner table policy, but this Easter I’m hoping to Facetime loved ones as we eat our delicious holiday meal.

Will there still be ham available to purchase? Or should I thaw the leftovers from Christmas?

Fun Egg Hunt Ideas Without A Creepy Bunny

child on an easter egg huntOur egg hunt will be a bit smaller this year too. We won’t be sitting on the frightening bunny’s lap this year either. Instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt with hordes of children running on a lawn Lord of the Flies style, here are some alternate ideas:

-A treasure hunt with clues in the eggs

-If you’ve got enough people in your family to form teams, make it more of a relay race. One person finds an egg and has to come tag the next person as quickly as possible. 

-Make the kids do the work! Have them write rewards or fun things they’d like on paper to put in the eggs. Think more along the lines of “Stay up 30 minutes later” or “Skip a chore” instead of “Shopping spree for me.”

I know that Easter will look a little differently for all of us this year, but we will do what military families always do – we will adapt and thrive in whatever way we can. With a few of these tips, I hope you and your family can still enjoy the holiday!

What are your plans for Easter? How have they changed this year?