Tis’ the Season of Thrifted Gifting!

thrifted gifting

The holidays are upon us; how joyful of a time! Tis’ the season of twinkling lights, cheery eyed children, the enticing smell of evergreen, festive caroling, and the coziness that comes to our homes and hearts. It is a beautiful experience to spread joy in our families, our friendships, neighborhoods.  

With the coziness of the season, also comes the unnecessary cost and consumption. Let us rethink the intention of gifting and how we consume this holiday season. I promise, with planning and intentionality, your loved ones will cherish their secondhand gifts as will your pocket and our planet.  Here are a few tips for you to spread the gift of thrifted joy to those you love and how to start. 

Where to Shop

As military families, we constantly relocate to new areas and homes, which comes with donating and relocating items we no longer need. Consider shopping secondhand on your local base resale pages, at on-post thrift stores, as well as facebook marketplace. If shopping on resale pages or facebook marketplace, I pay in cash and meet in public locations. If there is an item I want, I set a notification alarm on facebook marketplace. When a seller posts a product that may match my description, a notification comes and I check it out! thrifted gifting

Consider also create a google map list, labeled Thrifting locations, of all the local thrift stores in your area. Good places to look are your local rescue mission thrift stores, The Salvation Army, and Goodwill. 

Make a List & Know Sizes 

Create a list of items you hope to find thrifting. List each person’s name as well the gift idea. Beside the name, write the current sizes of each person. Having a list provides a purpose and keeps me from impulse buying.

Look For Holiday Decor & Wrapping Material 

After shopping your home first and making a list, do not shy away from buying wrapping material and secondhand holiday decor. Chances are you will find high quality items that bring joy for half the price. I love to thrift old holiday tins to use for cookie exchanges!

thrifted gifting

Have a Budget 

Budgeting helps set healthy perimeters for holiday gifting. If you are anything like me, it is easy to get caught up in the joy of gifting and go beyond your realistic ability. Budgeting will help you have a healthy pulse on your purchasing. 

Pack Reusable Bags & Measuring Tape

I always bring my reusable bags and measuring tape while I shop. It reduces the plastic at purchasing, a main point of shopping secondhand. The measuring tape will ensure the dimensions of the items, say a dresser, a mirror, or photo frame, will fit your family’s needs. 

thrifted gifting

Easy Items to Thrift to Bring Joy: 

  • Adult and Children’s Books
  • CookBooks 
  • Arts & Crafts 
  • Adult & Children’s Clothing  joy