5 Marketing Tips to Help Your Business Thrive

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In the midst of the global pandemic, many small businesses have suspended operations or are re-framing their strategy to engage in virtual platforms. With the economy on rocky footing, and most consumers staying and working from home, we want to help equip you with the tools to keep your business thriving. So, we talked with Emily Lenning from Blossom Marketing for her best marketing tips on how to utilize your time and resources wisely right now to help your business emerge from COVID-19 stronger. 

Marketing Tips

  • 1. Work on your strategy

    Now is a great time to work on your marketing strategy! You can also use this time to brainstorm collaborations and networking opportunities. Who do you want to reach? How should you reach that audience? Who can help you grow your followers and customer base? Even if you are the only employee of your company, you are not alone. There are many other businesses open for collaboration and cross-promotion, and services available to help you strategize! 

  • 2. Invest in your business

    Even if your business is struggling in this hard economic time, you can still leverage your time, finances, and connections wisely. With stimulus checks, tax returns, and financial help available to small businesses, you can use this money wisely to invest in your business and come out of this pandemic stronger than you were before! Not sure where to start? Ask Emily here. There are also many opportunities to invest in continuing education like trainings, licensing, and certifications too. 

  • 3. Get familiar with a new platform

    Use this time to get familiar with a new platform like TikTok, Pinterest, etc. Plus, social media channels are always updating their sites for business pages. Take this time to familiarize yourself with the new features on Facebook or Instagram too! And don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn page up to date! 

  • 4. Take pictures and videos at home

    It’s easy to go for that picture perfect stock photo for your Facebook post, but recent studies have shown that pictures taken with an iPhone often perform better. Consumers are craving transparency now more than ever. This study found that 90% of consumers value authenticity when deciding which brands to like and support. And right now when we are all wanting human connection, raw and real images provide a sense of deeper connection and tend to perform better.

  • 5. Stay active on social media

    Our friends at Blossom Marketing say that social media usage is up 22% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to Q4 in 2019. Your followers (and their friends!) are on social media now more than ever, and hungry for your content! If you need more help engaging your brand on social media, here are three tips to help. 

COVID-19 doesn’t have to cause crisis in your business. You might have to re-strategize and pivot your plans, but but these marketing tips can set you on a good path to maintain a strong presence in your industry. And if you need more help, Blossom Marketing is always here to help! 

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We are proud to partner with Blossom Marketing to bring you these carefully curated tips.
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