Gretchen is originally from Virginia and currently lives in North Carolina where her husband is in the Army. She is the mother to two girls and a mental health counselor. She enjoys reading, writing, occasional slow running, trivia, dessert, and cheeseburgers.

Library Love: How I Traded Scrolling for Stories and Curbed My Social Media Use

  I always loved reading. There were three children's books that I read (by memory, is that still reading?) to my dad every night for at least a year or so. I loved one of...

Why You Need A Baby Carrier In Your Life

A few months after my first daughter was born, I bought a baby carrier. She always wanted to be held, and it enabled me to have my hands free and keep her happy. I tried...

What To Teach Your Kids about Children With Special Needs

Dear Moms, During this season of Thanksgiving, I would like to encourage you to talk to your kids about something that may not be a typical dinner-table conversation topic. I want you to talk to them...

When Motherhood Feels Heavy

Motherhood is unlike anything else. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but it's true. It's more than a job. It's more than a position or trait. It turns your entire life upside down and...

Do The Right Thing; Your Children Are Watching

We've all heard the stories of little mouths repeating curse words they overheard. Parents typically try to censor television and movies, so their kids are not exposed to anything inappropriate. But the reality is...

These Are “The Good Old Days”

I didn't get anything done today.   My "to do" list fell by the wayside when my 6-month old woke up from her nap ten minutes in and needed to be snuggled back to sleep....

The Pros and Cons of Parenting in the Age of the Internet

  I have heard lots of older adults marvel at baby carriers, fancy double strollers, and other baby gear that they would have appreciated in their day. Parenting now is a lot different than in...

My Breast Pump Gave Me Freedom

I don't have the licensing rights to share a picture of Mel Gibson in Braveheart, nor do I have the dedication to paint my face in blue stripes. Please use your imagination. "Freedom!" With my...

It Takes a Village, But Turnover is High

One of the challenges of being a military spouse is that you are unlikely to live near your (or your spouse's) family. That means your support system may not be what you'd like. In...

You Had Me at Prime: An Amazon Love Story

Dog food, baby food pouches, diapers, batteries, air filters, K-cups, vitamins, face cream, breastfeeding pads, shower drain hair catchers, baby bottles, dry shampoo, baby nose saline, clothing, books, wipes, bottle brush, travel mug, razor,...

The Heart Is a Clown Car: There Is Room for More

At the time of this writing, I have an 8-day  3 week one month old baby. (I was optimistic about getting this post done. Clearly I was delusional.) She is my second born, and so far...

A Love Letter to Tricare

When I married into the military, I wasn't thinking about the perks. Mostly, I was thinking about the challenges, such as long separations and frequent moves. However, there are benefits to being a military...