Sorry, no one is winning a car! But, we are proud to present our curated list of our team’s favorite things – yes, like Oprah! You will see a variety of brands, including one of our personal favorites: military spouse owned.

We tried our best to provide something for everyone. These are things we don’t only recommend but buy for ourselves or someone we love.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. Happy Shopping!

For Her

“Yes, lined Carhartt Overalls. It gets so wicked cold and windy here in SW Oklahoma and anything I can stay warm in while doing morning Chicken chores is a bonus.” – Jenn

“Beautiful nature jewelry from Mimosa Handcrafted” – Monique

“Favorite Postpartum Online Fitness Course: The Core Floor Restore Series 

Jessie Mundell is a Kinesiologist that saw the need for an anti-diet culture postpartum fitness course on the market. As a fitness coach who specializes in pre/postnatal clients myself, it is incredibly refreshing to see a comprehensive course for the core and pelvic floor that does not advertise weight loss for newly postpartum individuals.” – Taylor H

“Something my kids come up with on their own! It doesn’t matter how simple, crazy or silly it is, I just love when my kids come up with a gift that makes them think of me. As the years go by, the gifts just keep getting better – or more fun. Most of the time, I get drawings or cards, but last year my son gave me a necklace. It was not expensive, but he knows I love accessories and that is all that matters.” – Erin

“Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag” – Heather

Favorite Activewear Apparel(s): Love PeachTails – Woman owned and Veterans! Comfy clothes, stylish to wear in and out of the gym, and many different sizes/bodies used to model apparel!” – Taylor H

I SOOO Love me some kitchen appliances, this was last year’s gift from our kids and I think I use it everyday especially since it is just the two of us.” – Jenn

Brow Serum” – Lisa

For Him

“Last year, I gave my husband a personalized coin and he absolutely loved it! He carries it in his wallet and can have us with him everywhere he goes. The coin will not rip, bend or get damaged like a regular picture and, because we are a military family, it is just a bit more fitting. I had a family photo of us taken in front of a military plane engraved on one side and then our family motto on the back (#stockstrong). Simple and inexpensive, but meant a lot.” – Erin

Anything Yeti! (Plus they have a military discount)” – Lisa

“City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit.  A portable fire pit that uses no wood or embers and can burn for up to 5 hours and also food safe for smores!  We live in a townhome with a smaller backyard, so we cannot have a traditional fire pit.  We love how compact our City Bonfire is and have even brought it with us when we travel!   ” – Maura

An entirely new category of shoes inspired by natural materials, and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way. – Lisa

For Kids

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie pets. Great for ages 2-6ish. My kids have always loved these things and they are great, easy gifts for children, friends, nieces/nephews, etc.” – Amy

Boogie Board Jot Reusable Writing Tablet” – Lisa

 “I know a lot of people probably have these now, but if you know someone who does not, or you want a gift idea to pass along to the Grandparents, these are awesome! They keep the kids busy, are easy to clean up and store, and truly encourage imaginative play! Be sure to check the tiles occasionally in case any magnets have come loose – could be a hazard for littles.” – Erin

” A custom neon sign” – Heather

Sleeping Queens was invented by 6-year-old Miranda Evarts, who thought up the game one night when she couldn’t fall asleep. She awoke the next morning and with help from her older sister, Madeleine and her parents, Denise and Max created this wonderfully whimsical world of napping nobles. – Lisa

“Fujifilm Instax Camera. This specific set comes with extra photo sheets, a carrying case and a little photo album. It’s a great gift for tweens!” – Amy

“Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit. My son (7) loves this! He will play with this for hours and I love that it came with a  booklet with tons of different ideas and challenges to do.” – Maura

“My preschooler is too young to read, but we’re trying to reduce his screen time.  In comes the Yoto Player!  He loves to listen to songs and/or stories and I feel better that he’s not on a screen” – Nicki

For Home

I swear by this, and of course her name is ROSIE and she is scheduled to work every M-W-F and Sunday.” – Jenn

I am asking for “Blates” this year… ok that is not what they are called, but they’re the bowl looking plates… or plate looking bowls that all the aesthetically looking meals you love to see on Instagram are served on!  I can’t wait to serve some shrimp scampi in these soon!” – Maura

You can take it or leave it but this is a kitchen gadget I LOVE and use it for salad, fruit (blueberries, raspberries, black berries etc) Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale – just about anything you want to spin the extra moisture out of. I even bought one for work and use it in the kitchen there.” – Jenn

For The Person Who Has Everything

“For Teachers – Anything personalized! I like to send in a questionnaire (see attached) that asks for a favorite quote or Bible verse, their favorite song, favorite book, and what they love most about teaching. I also ask what their favorite color is, favorite treat, favorite restaurant, if they prefer coffee or tea and their favorite way to relax. Don’t forget to ask for a T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Size! I search Etsy and Amazon for creative ways to display some of their favorite things or to find something they would love based on their other favorites. For example, one year I had the teachers’ quotes engraved on a wooden sign that could be displayed on their desks with a special note from my son on the back. There are a ton of cute “teacher” shirts and sweatshirts, notepads, thank you cards, and other personalized items that make both unique and thoughtful gifts.” – Erin

Bombas socks BEST running socks EVVVEERRRR! they don’t slip while running, every pair you buy a pair is given to those in need, your first order you will receive 20% off. They have given over 100 Million items!” – Jenn

 “For a special, high end gift option for a spouse or a parent, these Waterford crystal cocktail glasses are gorgeous! You can select the perfect glass based on their preferred beverage and you can personalize the glasses by engraving initials or a name. There are many different styles to chose from, based on preferences. I gifted a personalized set of whiskey glasses to my husband last year and he loved them!” – Amy

Around the Neck Reading Light – Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing


The endlessly reusable, resealable silicone storage bag that eliminates single-use plastic.

– Lisa

“Favorite Affordable Fitness Equipment on Amazon: This Elastic Cable Set is so adaptable and I use it at least 3 times per week! I love having this in a pinch when the gym isn’t an option, but I can still get solid strength training in.” – Taylor H

One man seeks to answer the question: How far would you go—really— to save someone you love? And in the masterful hands of New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, finding the answer will take readers on an intense and heart-wrenching journey to the very end.


Javy offers a range of coffee products to fit your busy lifestyle.


 “For the book sleeves with a zipper!” – AshLeigh

This is where I have gotten our chicks in the past and the Pre Ordering starts now. I try to get a few every Spring or when chicky babies are available to be delivered.They are healthy and you can have them vaccinated to help with a long lasting immunity” – Jenn

“Membership to Book of Month Club” – Monique

Notabag emerged as a solution to a specific, real-life problem; tote bags are impractical on a bike.


If you’re all about including all the people, and loving all the people. This is the shop for you. I hope you enjoy (and maybe even chuckle) at our large selection of extra personal inclusion and kindess tees. There’s something for everyone!


Wine-cooler sleeve keeps standard-size wine bottles perfectly chilled for hours.

Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleever


  From the Library of Stamp


Juniper Mountain Trading Post – Award Winning Coffee Crafted in the USA


Library Card Socks


At The Dear Writer Co. we love working with Traditional & Indie Published Authors. It is our passion to not only support these authors, but to also spread the love for their books.


Reading Journal: For the Love of Books, A Book Journal and Planner for Book Lovers to Track, Log and Review


For a Believer – I had a “Sermon’s Notes” book personalized for my sister-in-law last year and it was a perfect gift for her. She ended up getting me the same exact thing (not planned!) and I use it every Sunday to help me organize the Pastor’s message, note Bible verses and do reflections throughout the week. The seller I purchased from is no longer on Etsy, but here is one that is similar.


From Military Spouse/ Veteran Owned Businesses

“Favorite Coffee: Boots on Ground Coffee Co – BOGCC is ALSO veteran women owned! She donates a percentage of her sales each month to non-profits that serve veterans and their families.” – Taylor H

MilSpo Owned 

“I make/sell clay earrings and pendants” – Heather

I offer a wide variety of products such as waterproof stickers, bookmarks, hand lettered prints, clothing, seasonal gifts and decorations, and more. I welcome your custom requests – please send me an inquiry, and I would be happy to see how I can help turn that vision into a reality.” – Katie P

The Dainty Forces Co – Each piece of jewelry from DFC is beautifully created and packaged with so much love.  “We aim to build an authentic community of military affiliated and first responder families who are passionate about our brand.”

Use code: MILITARYMOMCOLLECTIVE at checkout for 10% off! 

Aweigh Candle Company – I love not only the way these candles make my house smell but I also love the witty names of each candle!  My husband will be getting “Army Tears” as an early Christmas gift this year!  Lauren, the milspo who pours all her candles from their current duty station in California says “Even if you are not living the military life, you are supporting it and we thank YOU! Hopefully you find that these candles give you a little insight and a snippet of the daily life.” – Maura

10% off using MILITARYMOMCOL

Forever Firstie – This is a go to for me every holiday, birthday, and promotion time for gifts for my husband. Started by a 2008 USNA  graduate, Forever Firstie offers everything from apparel, drinkware, home decor, to holiday ornaments. “Keeping Naval Academy grads outfitted wherever they call home.” 

Rooted Grace Co.

MilSpo Owned


“Favorite stickers to put on my water bottle: Sailor and Sons – Even though there’s one game out of the year we can’t be friends, Karen’s stickers have me giggling even though the toughest of sets. You want these for your water bottle as well as your bestie’s.” – Taylor H

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