AshLeigh Link

AshLeigh Link

What We’re Reading this Fall

Calling all Military Mom Collective Readers! The B-E-R months are amongst us and you can find us to cozied up with our fall To Be Read book pile. Check out our contributors' most anticipated...
Summer Fun

Add These Items to Your Beach or Pool Bag for Summer Fun!

We just wrapped up our first beach trip of the summer season as a family! My kids, aged three and five, love the beach but often struggle with self-entertaining while in the sand. I...

How to Build a Summer Routine!

School's (almost) out for summer! Bring on the sunscreen, sunnies, swimsuits, sticky watermelon fingers, and that beautiful summer sun! If you are a parent or caregiver, the end of the school year & summer approach...
Month of the Military Child

Celebrate Your Military Child this April!

April is the Month of the Military Child! The Department of Defense brings attention to the sacrifice of military service on our children, celebrating their extraordinary resolve in the face of constant change. According to...

Military Families & National Parks: Get Out and Explore More!

As military families, we have the unique challenge of continually relocating, uprooting ourselves in all seasons of life and putting down roots in new communities.  With new moves come new opportunities to explore our...
Dry January

Dry January: The 31 Day Challenge to Try Dry this New Year

If you are like me, this concept is relatively new to you too. I only came to know the term Dry January during a conversation with a neighbor as January came to close in...
thrifted gifting

Tis’ the Season of Thrifted Gifting!

The holidays are upon us; how joyful of a time! Tis’ the season of twinkling lights, cheery eyed children, the enticing smell of evergreen, festive caroling, and the coziness that comes to our homes...

From Deployed to Debt Free

In 2017, my husband and I, recently newlyweds, faced his third deployment together. When we walk through season of times apart, we establish goals to work towards that help to find purpose and unity...

New Move, New Neighbors, Now What?

“Hi there, neighbor!”  If you watch an episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, it is the kindness Mr. Rogers shows to all neighbors that tenders even the hardest of hearts. His generous demeanor connects even the...
red poppies on a memorial marker

It Matters What We Say on Memorial Day

Hearing “Happy Memorial Day” never sits well for me as an American, veteran, and military spouse.  Although often well-intended, Americans muddle the greetings with those of Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day. Please take...
family unpacking a house with Dad hanging a clock. "Unpack Your Room First" in text and MMC logo

Unpack Your Room First

I am no stranger to packing or unpacking a home. When my husband and I were both active-duty and dual military, we moved numerous times in the span of eight years, both separately and together....
neutral themed living room with grey sofa and green plants with "How We Say Goodbye to a Home as a Military Family" in text and MMC logo

How We Say Goodbye to a Home as a Military Family

Lingering moving boxes remain tucked away in our basement, filled with donations or items to sell. My son’s artwork covers the fridge, proud trophies from his days spent at his new school. Toys scatter...