AshLeigh Link

AshLeigh Link
AshLeigh, a veteran of the United States Army, formally served as a Captain in the Logistics Corps. A graduate from Pennsylvania State University, AshLeigh holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations: National Security. Her husband, Jake, serves as a Captain in the United States Army. They have two children, James and Wren, and currently live in Vicenza, Italy. AshLeigh enjoys writing, reading, cooking, traveling with her children, pottery making, and is beginning to train for her first triathlon. AshLeigh hopes through her writing with The Military Mom Collective, she can inspire mothers to know creativity can thrive in the margins of motherhood.
parent holding a child in a dry land with a trailer in the background, black and white photo

To The Parent Who Feels Lost

To the Parent Who Feels Lost, You may feel like you lost so much of your identity in the moments of parenting a child. But I am here to tell you all that you gain as...
delicate flowers with a pink sheer ribbon and "Taking Back My Time in 2022" in text with MMC logo

Taking Back My Time in 2022

Anyone suffering from a Holiday Hangover?  Because I am.  We hustled and bustled. We feasted and indulged. And now it’s January, and here I am, attempting to wrap my mind around the year 2022.  In this past season,...
woman sweeping a house with a green plant in the foreground

Friday Favorites: Five Things Saving My Sanity in 2022

Looking for a helping hand or mental pick-me-up in 2022? Me, me, me! Here are five favorite things that save my sanity daily as a stay-at-home mom of toddlers ages 4 and under and during...
woman holding a phone in the sunlight's glare

Digital Diet: Consuming Less Social Media

The first moments of the day happen every morning. Each morning, we wake and serve. We consume. As I reflect on serving and consuming in the mornings, my mind directs me immediately to physical nourishment,...
thanksgiving meal with turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce on a white table

Friday Favorites: Turkey Talk: Conversation Starters for Thanksgiving, Sans Politics

Don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-puck with arguments this year! Instead, here are five favorite conversations I like to have at the Thanksgiving dinner table, sans politics.  A Book You Devoured  Can’t stop thinking about a book...
toys scattered on the floor

Learning How to Live in Your Season

As I listen to a parenting podcast, the ever present inspirational quote, “Thrive in the chaos, momma” plays in my headphones. As those words enter my mind, the perfectly timed scratchy, wetness of a...
pictures of Italian square on white frame with olive green background with greyscale grape vines

Five Ways to take an Italian Staycation

Raise your hand if you felt personally victimized by 2020?  Insert all readers with hands raised.  Now that we all have our hands raised, each of us can admit we suffer from pandemic burnout. Whether you...
green leaves on a white background with sustainable home products with "Friday Favorites: Sustainable Swaps for Plastic Free July and Beyond" in text

Friday Favorites – Sustainable Swaps for Plastic Free July and Beyond

In "Friday Favorites," our team shares a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. Our sustainable living journey began four years ago...