Don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-puck with arguments this year! Instead, here are five favorite conversations I like to have at the Thanksgiving dinner table, sans politics. 

A Book You Devoured 

Can’t stop thinking about a book you read over the past year? Now is your time for your inner bibliophile to shine! Fill each other’s plates with new book recommendations. The book I plan to share The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman. I also will have my favorite pen and my new book journal, My Reading Life: A Book Journal with Anne Bogel at Thanksgiving, to capture family and friends’ favorite 2021 reads!

A New Hobby You Enjoy 

Did you venture into a new hobby during 2021 that brings you joy? Share that joy with others around you! Whether a master in your craft or a beginner, proudly share the new skill sets you learned. I plan to show my novice pottery pieces I created! You never know, you might inspire someone around you to gain the courage to try.

A TV Series You Gobbled Up 

Did you binge watch Amazon Prime Video’s LulaRich in a day and now you need someone to chat with about DeAnne? No better time than turkey talk! Pass the rolls and the binge worthy show suggestions!  

A Holiday Recipe Swap 

Tis’ the season of eating, and what better way to expand your holiday menus other than a recipe swap? Dust off your grandmother’s cookbooks, if you need to! This conversation is extra sweet; everyone can take home a new recipe to try.

A Dream Vacation 

With travel desires on the rise as we wait the pandemic to subside, everyone can take turns sharing his or her dream destination. Jetset as a family to your dream destinations and who knows, a future family vacation may come out of it!