Friday Favorites: Turkey Talk: Conversation Starters for Thanksgiving, Sans Politics

thanksgiving meal with turkey, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce on a white table

Don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-puck with arguments this year! Instead, here are five favorite conversations I like to have at the Thanksgiving dinner table, sans politics. 

A Book You Devoured 

Can’t stop thinking about a book you read over the past year? Now is your time for your inner bibliophile to shine! Fill each other’s plates with new book recommendations. The book I plan to share The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany by Lori Nelson Spielman. I also will have my favorite pen and my new book journal, My Reading Life: A Book Journal with Anne Bogel at Thanksgiving, to capture family and friends’ favorite 2021 reads!

A New Hobby You Enjoy 

Did you venture into a new hobby during 2021 that brings you joy? Share that joy with others around you! Whether a master in your craft or a beginner, proudly share the new skill sets you learned. I plan to show my novice pottery pieces I created! You never know, you might inspire someone around you to gain the courage to try.

A TV Series You Gobbled Up 

Did you binge watch Amazon Prime Video’s LulaRich in a day and now you need someone to chat with about DeAnne? No better time than turkey talk! Pass the rolls and the binge worthy show suggestions!  

A Holiday Recipe Swap 

Tis’ the season of eating, and what better way to expand your holiday menus other than a recipe swap? Dust off your grandmother’s cookbooks, if you need to! This conversation is extra sweet; everyone can take home a new recipe to try.

A Dream Vacation 

With travel desires on the rise as we wait the pandemic to subside, everyone can take turns sharing his or her dream destination. Jetset as a family to your dream destinations and who knows, a future family vacation may come out of it! 

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AshLeigh, a veteran of the United States Army, formally served as a Captain in the Logistics Corps. A graduate from Pennsylvania State University, AshLeigh holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations: National Security. Her husband, Jake, serves as a Captain in the United States Army. They have two children, James and Wren, and currently live in Vicenza, Italy. AshLeigh enjoys writing, reading, cooking, traveling with her children, pottery making, and is beginning to train for her first triathlon. AshLeigh hopes through her writing with The Military Mom Collective, she can inspire mothers to know creativity can thrive in the margins of motherhood.