We Were Lovers Before


Hey everyone! Connie here. Today, I’m opening a chapter straight from my heart – it’s about rekindling the flame in a long-term marriage. Let’s be real, maintaining that initial sizzle isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely possible and so rewarding. “We Were Lovers Before” – oh, how this phrase resonates with me! When you’ve been married as long as I have, it’s easy for the flames of passion to simmer down to a cozy, comfortable warmth.

But who says we can’t turn up the heat again?

First off, let’s acknowledge something – it’s normal for the intensity of early romance to evolve. But, evolution doesn’t mean extinction! As a retired Marine Corps spouse, I’ve had my fair share of challenges, and yet, each hurdle only brought my husband and me closer. It’s about finding joy in the journey and remembering that at the core, we are still those same lovers, just with more layers (and maybe a few more laugh lines).

Rediscover Each Other

Remember how curious you were about each other in the beginning? That doesn’t have to fade away. Life changes us, and there’s beauty in re-discovering who your partner has become over the years. Organize a date night where you pretend you’re meeting for the first time. Ask questions as if you don’t know each other. You’ll be surprised at what you learn! It’s not just about reminiscing over who you were but celebrating who you’ve become.

Embrace the Little Things

Sometimes, we overlook the small gestures, but they’re the foundation of deep, enduring love. A surprise cup of coffee, a note left in a lunchbox, or even folding laundry together can become moments of connection. It’s these daily acts of love that weave a tapestry of deep affection and understanding. Challenge yourselves to find new ways each week to add a sprinkle of love to the mundane.

Create New Adventures Together

Adventure doesn’t always mean zip-lining in a rainforest (though that’s great, too!). It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone together. Maybe it’s a cooking challenge, a DIY project, or exploring a new hobby. These shared experiences are not just about fun; they’re building blocks for a renewed bond. They remind us why we chose each other and reinforce our partnership in new, exciting ways.

Keep Communication Playful and Honest

Let’s talk about talking. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential, but so is the way we communicate. Approach conversations with a blend of honesty and playfulness. It’s amazing how a little humor can turn a difficult conversation into a moment of closeness. Remember, it’s not you against each other; it’s both of you against the problem.

Prioritize Intimacy

Physical and emotional intimacy are the lifeblood of a romantic relationship. It’s easy to let this slide in the busyness of life, but it’s important to make time for it. Intimacy is more than just sex; it’s holding hands, sharing secrets, cuddling under the stars. It’s about feeling close. Try to find moments in your day to connect on an intimate level, even if it’s just a lingering kiss or a heartfelt conversation before sleep.

So, my dear friends, let’s remember that being “lovers” isn’t just a phase of marriage; it’s the heartbeat of it. Let’s cherish it, nurture it, and watch it grow stronger. Here’s to love, laughter, and a spark that never fades. Keep loving, keep living, and stay real.

Always Inspired, Connie Gene

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Connie Gentry
Connie is a passionate storyteller who wishes to travel more. She is a devoted wife and mother of three, with two decades of marital experience under her belt. As a retired Marine Corps spouse, her life has been rich in adventures and stories. She brings a wealth of wisdom, humor, and real-world insights to her writings. As the creator of the "Real. Raw. Woman." brand, Connie has established herself as a voice of empowerment, authenticity, and resilience. Her work, deeply rooted in her personal journey, resonates with those navigating the complex tapestry of love, relationships, and self-discovery. Connie’s writing style is a unique blend of heartfelt honesty and playful wit. She seeks not just to inform her readers, but to connect with them on a deeper level, fostering a community where stories are shared and diverse perspectives are celebrated. Her commitment to a balanced lifestyle of mental and physical wellness is reflected in her advocacy for self-care and persistence, even in the face of life’s challenges. Join her on this journey of exploration, where each word is an invitation to experience the full spectrum of life’s highs and lows through the lens of a realist in love.


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