Jeannette Swanson

Jeannette Swanson
Jeannette is mom to three kids ages 10, 6 and 4 and a military spouse to a Marine Corps explosive ordnance disposal technician. They've been married thirteen years and her husband has served almost twenty-five years. They're not exactly sure what's next, but they call the desert just outside Joshua Tree National Park home for now. Jeannette loves her Nespresso machine, reading, house plants and crocheting.

The Healing Process

Last week I cleaned the doors and doorframes that make up the narrow nook of the bath and laundry area downstairs, removing the black smudges left by my time using a wheelchair. On February...

My Five Favorite Things About Base Housing

If you haven't already, at some point you've probably considered base housing. Choosing where to live is a big decision and sometimes it's contingent upon where you're stationed. Some stations, or seasons, lean us...
Coziest, Cozy Books

Cozies to read…

I'm currently recovering from a broken leg and ankle. I lost my grip on the playground and heard a steady crunch as I collapsed like whipped cream onto a sundae into the thick sand....
Self care, stress

In Honor of the Month of Love, This is How I Practice Self-Care my...

In my early twenties retail therapy, manicures and coffee shop sit and sips were my thing. I had my hair blown dry a few times a month at the salon and power walked along...

Go Visit Big Bear

Twentynine Palms is one of those duty stations. The one some would prefer to skip, the one some can't wait to leave and the one some will leave crying. This is our second time...

Embracing the Coziness of the Holidays

Our second Christmas in the desert is quickly approaching and I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of two holiday scented candles and the second and third book from A Boy Called Christmas series. I'm quite...

How I’ll Be Surviving the Heat This Summer

Summers in the Mojave Desert don't play by the rules. It's only mid-June and the highs this week are predicted to sizzle around 111 and 113. I look at my phone for the current...
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Friday Favorites: Jeannette’s Tips for Spring Allergies

The southern Mojave Desert doesn't experience spring in ways that are traditional to other regions of the United States. Aside from the gorgeous flowers that sometimes bloom on mature Joshua Trees, signs of spring aren't...
elementary aged kids doing science experiments with "Friday Favorites: Kid-Approved Home Experiments" in text and MMC logo

Friday Favorites: Kid-Approved Home Experiments

Are you looking for ways to engage your kids beyond technology? Then I have you covered! These are my favorite kid-approved experiments with items you probably already have at home. All of these were done...
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4 Ways to Nourish Your Daily Rhythms + Routines in Tough Times

I go through seasons with the way I make my coffee. How I prepare the brew seems to mirror the season I'm in. As of late, my cup of caffeine is ready in about...
two women hiking in Zion National Park

Say Yes, and Take the Hike

My husband and I have been together fourteen years and married for twelve; within the last few years, I've watched his interest in the outdoors grow significantly. Our definitions of outdoor adventures flow in...
green climbing plant leaves on a green background with "Friday Favorites: Plants for the New Plant Owner" in text and MMC logo

Friday Favorites – Jeannette’s Favorite Plants for the New Plant Owner

I bought my first indoor plant from the commissary shortly after we returned to the desert just this last spring. The commissary, much to my husband's dismay, does a fantastic job displaying its house plants...