Add These Items to Your Beach or Pool Bag for Summer Fun!

Summer Fun

We just wrapped up our first beach trip of the summer season as a family! My kids, aged three and five, love the beach but often struggle with self-entertaining while in the sand. I intentionally pack items that act as invitations to self play while we vacation. Here are five fun additions to your beach or pool bag that your kids are sure to love, mine did!

Reusable Water Balloons

Summer Fun

When I say these are my new favorite summer toy, I mean it! I never used to buy water balloons because of all the broken plastic, it felt like a waste of money and I loathed picking up the pieces. These reusable water balloons change all of that and have brought so much fun to my kids this summer. My three and five year old can easily refill the balloons and I love the mesh storage bag that comes with the balloons for storage. I only allow these at the vacation home’s pool to avoid sand in the balloons. The kids look forward to going to the pool after lunch to use these balloons!

Bubble Wands

Bubble wands are perfect for the ocean breeze. My children love to hold the wand into the wind and watch the bubbles travel the shoreline. The wands are easy to wash the sand off, simple to refill the solution, and the slim tube fits nicely in the beach bag for the next day!

Mesh Shell Collection Bags 

We love these mesh bags for collecting our beach treasures! Kids can explore their natural surroundings and easily wear as they search for shells. These mesh bags are also great for walks along the shoreline. What I love most about these bags are that the mesh helps with quick cleaning and drying! Less sand taken back to your hotel is always a win.

Watercolor Palette and Brushes 

This watercolor palette was such a hit for my kids! With the shells we collected, we filled a bucket of seawater and painted our shells. Best, part is you are able to wash the shells off and paint again! This palette was easy to wash the sand off and dried quickly with little mess.