Dry January: The 31 Day Challenge to Try Dry this New Year

Dry January

If you are like me, this concept is relatively new to you too. I only came to know the term Dry January during a conversation with a neighbor as January came to close in 2022. She felt healthy, mentally clear, and empowered, kickstarting her new year by tackling a huge health goal. Following what felt like a months of holiday indulging and making spirits bright, the concept of an alcohol reset intrigued me.

So what is Dry January? Dry January is an Alcohol Change UK public health campaign that encourages the absence of alcohol for 31 days during the month of January. According to the Alcohol Change UK, it started with 4,000 participants and in 2022, grew to over 130,000. This January 2023, marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Dry January Campaign. I intend to try 31 days alcohol-free, as a kickstart to my personal health this new year. Dry January

  • I hope to hydrate more and increase my daily water intake. I often consume too much caffeine or sugar as a way to overcompensate for the lack of sleep in my current season of mothering. By analyzing what I consume, not just in alcohol, I can attack my person health and weight loss goals.
  • My skin always seems clearer when I reduce or eliminate consumption of alcohol. Between holiday cocktails and the often self-inflicted stress of the season, my skin begs for much needed tender love and care!
  • A break from consuming alcohol is a way to financially reset from the holiday season and to trim unnecessary spending. I always look for ways to put money back into our wallet and Dry January is a great opportunity!
  • The health benefits to reducing alcohol consumption are glaringly enticing this new year. Who doesn’t need to focus on their blood pressure, cholesterol, and all the additional ways Dry January can better your mind, body, and spirit (without the spirits).
Photo by Polina Kovaleva

Most importantly, I think it is incredibly important to have a healthy check on your personal relationship to alcohol, especially in the wine culture that consumes motherhood, pun intended. If you or a loved one want to know more about Dry January or the conversation surrounding motherhood and alcohol culture, visit Alcohol Change UK or consider listening to this Coffee + Crumbs podcast, Wine Mom Culture.

Let’s Try to Be Dry this January, together!