Alexis Linehan

Alexis Linehan
Alexis is an occupational therapist, the mama to four energetic kids (ages 10, 9, 9, and 6), the wife of a National Guard helicopter pilot, and a child of God. The military life has taken them to different states and through several deployments, but they currently call Nebraska home. Alexis enjoys singing for their church, going on camping and canoeing adventures with her crew, and reading anything (and everything) under the sun. She volunteers for the National Guard FRG and is a contributing writer to Her View From Home. You can follow her on Facebook at This End Up in Life or visit her website www.thisendupinlife.com.

Why I Write

When I was in third grade, I won a writing contest for our area. It had been a class assignment to write a story and include an illustration or two. My story was a...

My 7 Favorite Phrases as a Mom

Mothers everywhere have their favorite catch phrases. Many helpful or humorous words said by moms have been immortalized on bumperstickers, t-shirts, throw pillows, and memes across the globe. We can still hear our own...

3 Ways to Help Loved Ones with Dementia

I've been an occupational therapist for 15 years. During most of that time, I have worked with older adults who are recovering from strokes, joint replacements, surgeries, and general illnesses. A fair number of...

Vocabulary Lessons in Body Autonomy

Vocabulary is not just a worksheet that comes home from school. It comes in all areas of life and is so important in teaching kids who they are and how to be safe: "So, Regina...

4 Things I Learned from 1 Afternoon of YouTube

One afternoon a few weekends ago, we had nothing on the calendar. No activities. No birthday parties. No basketball games. So I asked my crew what they wanted to do. All my kids asked...
Golden Retriever puppy sits on car seat

Oh, Puppy Love, Let’s Do This Again

I had said no. Nope. No more animals. No more critters. No more pets. No puppy. It had been a long year of saying goodbye to our furry friends. My heart simply couldn't take anymore. We first...

Decluttering 1-2-3

In 2020, we decluttered and downsized. We minimized our processions and maximized our family time. We encouraged experience gifts and discouraged accumulating items that didn't add value to our lives. We had this new...
Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts for Kids: Pros and Cons

A few years ago, we jumped on the bandwagon of giving experience gifts to our kids instead of toys, craft supplies, board games, and books. Now, don't get me wrong - toys, craft supplies,...

Minute to Win It – Let’s Clean It!

Four children. Some dogs. The cat. A hamster. And neighborhood kids running in and out of my house. It take all of a hot minute for it to look like a tornado came through...
Pumpkins in the back of an SUV

Pumpkin Carving for All Sensory Types

A few years, I was at a farmer's market during the last week of October when the gal running the veggie stand said, "All purchases come with a free pumpkin today!" Fantastic! Thanks! I...

12 Things I Did While My Husband Was Deployed 12 Months

We were on vacation when the official word came through - my husband would be deploying with the National Guard for one year. 12 months. Maybe 13 months if needed. This was not our first...
4 kids run across a beach at a lake

3 Things I Resigned from This Summer

I love summer. I'm a big fan of having loosely-structured days and going to the pool and enjoying popsicles on the porch. Yes, there are chores that my children need to get done on...