Alexis Linehan

Alexis is an occupational therapist, the mama to four energetic kids (ages 10, 9, 9, and 6), the wife of a National Guard helicopter pilot, and a child of God. The military life has taken them to different states and through several deployments, but they currently call Nebraska home. Alexis enjoys singing for their church, going on camping and canoeing adventures with her crew, and reading anything (and everything) under the sun. She volunteers for the National Guard FRG and is a contributing writer to Her View From Home. You can follow her on Facebook at This End Up in Life or visit her website
clothes hung in a closet

Why I Love My Capsule Wardrobe

I didn't intend to create a capsule wardrobe. It just happened. The first month back at work after having my youngest child, I was helping a patient who had been newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis....
blue hexagon with E. Coli strains and "What We Learned About E. Coli" in text with MMC logo

What We Learned About E. Coli

Three years ago, our daughter was sick. Really sick. It started like the typical stomach flu with nausea and vomiting. But when it didn't spread to anyone else in our house, I began to think...
two children sitting at a table and eating sandwiches

Friday Favorites – Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Days

We were busy this summer. Baseball, swimming, soccer clinics, science camp, vacation bible school, flew by. Now that fall and school are starting, we will not be slowing down. Our schedule changes week by week,...
family standing next to a waterfall in the mountains

Camping Across America – Tips for Military Families

We love to camp: → tent camping → camping in our pull-trailer → in the mountains → on the beach → out on the prairie → boondocking off the grid miles and miles away from a single soul → in an...
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Friday Favorites – 5 Favorite Children’s Book Series from Alexis

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. I love...
kids cartoon drawings with various movements and "Why Kids Need to Climb, Spin, + Jump" in text

Why Kids Need to Climb, Spin, + Jump

My kids have gone to several different schools over the last few years. Their current elementary school allows the kids to climb UP the slides (as long as there are no students trying to slide...

Celebrating Earth Day with Zero Waste

This will be the third Earth Day my family will celebrate by trying to make zero waste. Yes. You read that correctly. The first year was a half-hearted attempt, at best. One of my children had...
four kids standing in ski gear

Lessons Learned from Having Children Close in Age

We have four children. Our daughter, who is the eldest, was three years old when I gave birth to our youngest. It sounds like a riddle, but it was simply our reality. I honestly wanted my...