Casey Fogle

Casey is the wife of a 25-year Army Veteran, still living in Central Texas where the Army whims blew them. They have spent the last 5 years trying to decide what to do next. She is a mental health advocate, Mom-supporter, and connection-maker whose jobs all fell under "community" in one way or another. Two adult daughters have reassured her that they weren't too scarred by the fact that she always felt, and still feels, like she is winging it daily. Nothing is more exciting to her than sharing something via writing or speaking, and having someone tell her, "I thought it was just me" or that they feel seen and understood in a way they hadn't been before.
fall leaves in green and orange with faded leaves on a pale yellow background with "When Seasons Change" in text and MMC logo

When Seasons Change

There is something about autumn that brings out the melancholy in me. Perhaps it's my Irish blood, but a little wistfulness is a welcome thing sometimes. As the leaves grow crisp (yes, even in Texas)...
view of a field of flowers and trees with "Root Bound and Feeling Stuck: When Everyone is Changing Except You" in text and MMC logo

Root Bound and Feeling Stuck: When Everyone is Changing Except You

I feel as root bound and hemmed in as a plant that has been in its pot for too long. Restless, edgy, stuck...I am hungry for a change. The one single constant about the Army...
white badge with red star to signify security with "OPSEC: Operations Security When Nothing Seems Secure" in text

OPSEC: Operations Security When Nothing Seems Secure

This summer has been a wild ride of examples showing our vulnerabilities. With August being Operations Security (OPSEC) Awareness Month, it seemed like a good time for a deep dive and review. It is...

OPINION: Please, Just Go Get Vaccinated

I have tried to write this post at least a dozen times. I have started, stopped, started again. Each time I begin, another news article pops up about COVID vaccines and masks and mandates....
group of friends taking a selfie with "The 12 Military Spouses You'll Meet (Plus One)" in text

The 12 Military Spouses You’ll Meet (Plus One)

Hello new military spouse, and welcome!  We are at opposite ends of this military-spouse journey, you and I. You are just beginning as a new military spouse; maybe you just got your first ID...