Emily is a wife, mom, exercise enthusiast and world traveler who happened upon this military life much like any one of you. A whirlwind romance, two kids, seven years and five moves later, she is living the dream in Argentina as she travels the world with her family … at least for the next two years. This crazy life has brought many laughs, many moves, a few deployments, countless TDYs and some tears, but she would not trade it for the world. A 'sometimes annoyingly so' optimist, she can turn any thought into a song, and you will always find her dancing. So next time you're boogieing thru Buenos Aires, send her an email and she would love to show you around.
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How Moving Has Made Me a Better Person (I Hope!)

I was 18 years old the first time I moved away from home. And it changed me. I learned how to live with another female. As a girl with only brothers, this was a big one....

Consequences: Don’t Speak What You Won’t Serve

When I was growing up, I had a bit of an attitude. I was assertive (insert stubborn) and knew what I wanted (still do). I loved to test the limits. This gave my parents,...

A Poem for Postpartum Moms

So you just had a baby… I think it counts within a year! Our lives are probably similar I am here to say, “Have no fear!”   You’re not alone in your feelings, At least as long as you’re feeling...

The ABCs of Giving Birth in Argentina

Well ladies, I did it again. Had another baby that is -- this time in Argentina. This was our third baby and third country in which I have delivered. If we get stationed overseas...

When Words of Affirmation Don’t Come Naturally

Have you heard of the book The Five Love Languages? It was all the rage with my friends when I was in college, so naturally I read it. I actually flew through it and...

5 Pregnancy Hacks for Your Healthiest Pregnancy Yet

Ladies, I have done this pregnancy thing a few times now and while I was never an unhealthy pregnant person per se, this pregnancy has been my healthiest yet. I want to share a...

How Becoming a Mom Made Me Appreciate My Mom

Growing up, I always idolized my dad, and if I was going to fight with either parent, it was my mom. I know it was unfair of me, but there is a little truth...

Pregnancy Rules Around the World

Since my first pregnancy seven years ago, I have come to relax … a lot. But first a disclaimer: The information included in this article is not directly supported by the American College of Obstetricians...

Setting the Tone: Choosing Optimism

We've all been there. It's PCS time, and we miss the things we left behind. We miss the familiarity of knowing where all our favorite ingredients are at the grocery store. There's missing knowing...

Raising a Self-Proclaimed Vegetarian in the Carne Capital of the World

Moms. Seriously. We live in Argentina, and if you know anything about Argentina, you know that it might actually be the meat capital of the world. When you go to a restaurant, what’s on...

Overseas and Unsupported: 5 Tips for Transition

Moving overseas to a military post/base is one thing, but moving overseas to a place that is not affiliated with the military in any way is an entirely different beast. When you move to an...

Organic Sex: Natural Family Planning and the Military

Here is a little story. We had just moved overseas and were welcomed by the most incredible group of people. I was so excited! We were still in a temporary apartment off-base waiting for...