Kate Edstrom

Kate is originally from Southern Illinois and is a formerly reluctant Air Force spouse. In her previous life, Kate served as a development professional, working for an engineering college and national sorority foundation. She is the mother of two very strong and independent girls and three dogs. She has been referred to as a “Crazy Dog Lady” by more than a bushel of folks, and she volunteers at the county animal shelter on a regular basis. Kate is married to a very kind man, who always makes her laugh and is her partner-in-crime in her pursuit to eat anything and everything along their journey.
boxes for moving or a PCS

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times – A Tale of Two PCS’s

You know it well, friends. Your orders are cut. Your new life is just around the corner. You have only a few short months until you, your spouse, and your family pack up your current...

A Letter to My Friends After My Mom’s Death

Dearest Friends, As you know, my mom died this summer.  It's taken me a long time to type those words. It's hard to keep my fingers moving on the keyboard even six months later.  I am still...

Summer. The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Summer is the best. It is a scientifically proven fact.  No homework. No scheduled activities. No waking up for school.  During the summer, my girls and I make the long drive home to hang out with...

Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number (Not R. Kelly Related)

Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number. This has nothing to do with R. Kelly, so please feel comfortable to continue reading beyond this point.  I am 37. This tidbit about my age is completely unremarkable...

Stronger U: How a Nutrition Program Made Our Life as a Military Family Easier

My husband just crushed his Air Force fitness (PT) test. He did so well, in fact, he does not need to retake the test for an entire year rather than the standard six-month requirement. He...

How to Host a Clothing Exchange aka the Perfect PCS Party

Do you have clothes and friends? Do you kind of hate those clothes but like those friends? Do you have sweaters and dresses you probably paid too much for that stare at you each time you...

My Dearest Husband, I Love You. Now, Go Away.

"What do you think about me signing up for a 10-day meditation retreat this summer?" my husband casually asked me as we were eating dinner the other day. I replied, "I think it will be...

The Imperfect Reality of Peloton

These are "before and afters" from my amazing tribe members. They quite literally rode their butts off.  Most of you have probably seen the tremendously compelling advertising for the fitness company Peloton. Perfectly beautiful, perfectly...

The Lifesaver and the Homewrecker: The Other Woman Living in My Home

Another woman is living in my home. I am fairly certain she has knocked down your door as well or has plans to in the near future. She is both saving and ruining lives,...

Girl, Make Yourself Some 45-Minute Chicken Soup

I have yet to read Rachel Hollis' exceptionally popular book, Girl, Wash Your Face. I can't speak to how life-changing it actually is, but I do like what I assume is her no-nonsense approach to...

The Long Journey Home, The Even Longer Trip Around Town

Many of us journey home for the holidays. Or, for a couple of weeks in the summer. Or, in September because we miss our moms, or our friends, or Imo's Pizza. For me, there is...

My Best-Kept Secret for Stress-Free Holiday Travel: The Snacklebox

The Holiday Season is Upon Us. Depending on your family, this phrase may conjure joy or excitement. Or, pure, unmitigated stress.*  If you are a military family, there is a good chance you will be...