Lorren Lemmons

Lorren is a mama to two blue-eyed boys and a brand-new baby girl, a military wife, a nurse, a bibliophile, and a writer. She lives in North Carolina. Her work has been featured on Coffee + Crumbs, Mothers Always Write, Holl & Lane, Upwrite Magazine, Tribe Magazine, and Parent.com.

My Mom Bod Manifesto

Weight has always been an issue for me. Meaning, whether or not I was overweight or thin, I’ve always had a negative perception of my body and felt that I should be looking better....

The Military Spouse’s Guide to Making Mom Friends

I glanced around the park, looking for the group I was supposed to meet. Was the woman with the jogging stroller from Hike it Baby? Or the one with the backpack and the two...

For My Daughter on Her First Birthday

My daughter just turned one, and I keep crying about it. It’s been a year since this little one came careening into the world two days overdue. After the drawn out births of my first...

Living in the Moment when the Moment’s About to End

These days, the first thing anyone asks me is, “Are you ready for the move?” We’re PCSing in six weeks. I should be deep in preparations--cleaning, decluttering, saying goodbye. But the truth is, I’m hardly...