Lorren Lemmons

Lorren Lemmons
Lorren is a mama to two blue-eyed boys and a brand-new baby girl, a military wife, a nurse, a bibliophile, and a writer. She lives in North Carolina. Her work has been featured on Coffee + Crumbs, Mothers Always Write, Holl & Lane, Upwrite Magazine, Tribe Magazine, and Parent.com.

Create an After-School Connection Ritual

When my five-year-old started kindergarten this August, I realized that I needed to create an after-school connection ritual with my children in elementary school. Before this year, when I'd had one kid in all-day...
mirabel from Encanto with playful music notes and "What Can We Learn About Self Worth From Mirabel, Isabela, + Luisa?" in text and MMC logo

What Can We Learn About Self Worth From Mirabel, Isabela, + Luisa?

If you haven't had "We Don't Talk About Bruno" stuck in your head over the past few months, you may be living under a rock. I would love to join you under that rock; now...
woman and military member standing in a road with "What I Will Miss About Being A Military Spouse" in text and MMC logo

What I Will Miss About Being a Military Spouse

While military life definitely has its sacrifices and hardships, there are many things I am going to miss about being a military spouse. My husband is preparing to separate from the Army. While I'm...
woman sitting alone with candles and "Take Yourself on a Date" in text with MMC logo

Take Yourself on a Date

In an age of ever-busier schedules and increasing digital distractions, a date is often recommended as a good way to keep your relationships connected and strong. We're all familiar with the concept of weekly date...
advent calendar with a nutcracker and pine garland and "Share Joy This Christmas Season with a Kindness Advent Calendar" in text and MMC logo

Share Joy this Christmas Season with a Kindness Advent Calendar

2021 is winding down, and I'm tired. It was no 2020, but this year certainly did a number on my morale. While there's nothing magical about a new year, I won't mind seeing this...
woman sitting in sadness with blue circles and "Comfort in the Dark: Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder" in text and MMC logo

Comfort in the Dark: Dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) catches me by surprise every year. It shouldn’t. Feeling down in the darker months is as much a part of the rhythm of seasons as the leaves changing in the...
group of friends watching coast with "Being the Village For Your Military Spouse Friends" and "Stronger Together" in text and MMC logo

Stronger Together: Being the Village For Your Military Spouse Friends

Recently, I saw a call for help on the women's Facebook page for my church: "Any breastfeeding experts?" A woman had shown up at one of our services with her newborn baby, hoping to...

To Hold Them Tight or To Step Back? Friendships During a PCS

I've gotten pretty adept at making new friends. I was shy and insecure as a teenager, but moving over and over again forced me out of my shell. My philosophy is, if you've got limited...
large letter board with "COVID SHOTS" on screen

Worried About the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s My Experience

Are you worried about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? With all states on board to approve anyone 16+ by May 1st, people are talking about it: whether they'll get it, which vaccine they'll get, and how...
donkey tail plant

Friday Favorites: Lorren’s Favorite House Plants for the New Plant Parent

Welcome to our newest series. In "Friday Favorites," our team will share a handful of favorite items. These can range from clothes to beauty products to recipes to books and anything in between. So you've...
woman in bed sleeping

The Life-Changing Magic of Getting Enough Sleep

Y'all, I am not that into sleep. If you gave me eight hours of uninterrupted spare time, I would rather spend it reading, exercising, going on an adventure, or even working rather than taking a...
tarantula in a gift box on a pink and red heart background

The Things I Do For The People I Love – A Tarantula Love Story

I’ve never struggled to know what I like to do. I changed my major seven times in college but only because I loved everything. I was so excited by the abundance of opportunities to...