Suzanne Paulo

Suzanne Paulo
As an Army daughter, wife, and mother, Suzanne knows “home is where the Army sends you.” A proud graduate of Washington State University, Suzanne now lives in North Texas where she is a middle school teacher. She enjoys reading, traveling, cycling, riding motorcycles, and alpine skiing.

When Being All You Could Be, Doesn’t End the Way You Thought It Would

I have been associated with the military my entire life; an association that spans three generations of service. In a previous blog I wrote about the phenomenon of the military being a statistical ‘family...

The Hidden Benefits of PCSing

While reading fellow blogger Lindsay Swoboda’s recent post, “Trusting the Transition”, I found myself transformed back to when I was learning to drive a manual transmission and had a remarkably similar—and equally memorable—experience of...

An Ode to the Lost Art of Letter Writing

I recently wrote about losing a dear friend to cancer. Knowing that she was dying, my friend went through her scrapbooks and photo albums, gathering correspondence and pictures from her close friends to give...
woman stretching with "Friday Favorites: Suzanne's Best Exercises for "Mom Muscles" in text and MMC logo

Friday Favorites: Suzanne’s Best Exercises for “Mom Muscles”

Exercise. We all know we need it. But making time for it is a challenge, especially for busy moms. Knowing what type and how much exercise we need are not easily determined, either. To me,...
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The American Spirit is Alive and Well This Winter

It’s an Olympic year! I never spend as much time in front of the TV as I do when the Olympic games are happening. Winter or summer, I love watching people compete at the highest...
stack of books on a table with a pale blue background and "For the Love of Reading: How to Foster This Love in Children" in text

For the Love of Reading: How to Foster This Love in Children

As a middle school teacher, there’s nothing that hurts my heart more than hearing a student say, "I hate reading!” I love reading so much that I can’t fathom life without that pleasure. There...
woman laughing on a golden yellow background with "Friday Favorites: Suzanne's Top 5 Tips for Beautiful Skin" in text

Friday Favorites – Suzanne’s Top 5 Tips for Beautiful Skin

Compliments are funny things. You never know what people pay attention to, and I’m often taken aback when I receive one. The most frequent compliment I get is that I have beautiful skin, and it...
person holding a movie clapper in a desert scene

A Sci-fi Film Reminded Me That In The End, We Want All Of Us...

Like many people, I enjoy the movie-watching experience. It’s always a pleasant surprise when I watch a movie that far exceeds my expectations. Released earlier this year on Netflix, Stowaway—billed as a science-fiction thriller—was...
woman with hair flowing of leaves and shapes evoking mindfulness on blue background with "Teaching Mindfulness For Healthy Kids, Inside and Out" in text

Teaching Mindfulness For Healthy Kids, Inside and Out

While reading fellow contributor Rebecca Hurtley’s excellent post on self-love recently, I was reminded of the adage: you are what you think. It occurred to me that in the practice of self-love, you really need...
non-potato or veggie chips on a wood table

Friday Favorites – Suzanne’s Favorite Non-Potato Chips

On day five of the freeze of the century here in Texas this past winter—because a global pandemic is just not punishment enough sometimes—my husband and I decided it was time to venture out...
woman holding a bouquet of flowers in black to signify mourning

What I Learned From Grieving Long Distance

I lost a dear friend today. She was one of my people. It’s a loss that I now feel acutely, but I know it will settle into chronic once I’ve processed that she is truly...
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The Wonderful Benefits of AFRCs – A Resort Experience at a Fraction of the...

My husband and I are coming up on 35 years of marriage. For those of you just starting out, that sounds like forever, but trust me, it goes fast. We carefully sandwiched our wedding between...