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As military moms, oftentimes the logistics of our stateside or OCONUS move falls on us. So often we’ll head to the local spouse page, do the grunt work of neighborhood research and housing options, and stress about which schools we want our family to be zoned for. Not to mention the stress of transporting pets, vehicles, and weighing the choice of doing the dreaded DITY move vs. trusting your belongings to the military movers and their packing methods. And don’t get me started on the added checklists for moving overseas.

There’s a better way to PCS. 

We’ve done the work for you and compiled all the research you need to rock your next PCS. Best of all, this page is powered by PCSgrades, the trusted resource for military moves. From housing reviews, area guides, financial calculators, connections to buy or sell a home, and more, this page is your one-stop shop to stress less on your next PCS. And when you stress less, you have more energy for the people that matter most before you move. So go enjoy another cup of coffee with your bestie, and leave the research to us. 

Trusted Reviews - Local reviews for on and off base housing, neighborhoods, schools, moving companies, and more.
Area Guides - See reviews, cost of living, weather, attractions, and information for every U.S. military base worldwide.
BAH Calculator - Find your basic housing allowance for your new duty station and other financial considerations for housing.
Real Estate Rewards - Connect with a top rela estate agent, and be eligible to recieve $350-$7500 when buying or selling a home.
Mortgage Lenders - Connect with a military mortgage specialist in your area to assist with your home-buying needs.
Helpful Downloads - Download a complete PCS checklist for OCONUS and stateside, HOme Loan Guide, a Mover's Notice, and more.

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