Alexandra Simon

Alexandra Simon
Alexandra is a former educator turned project manager, and advocate for military-connected students. She is the co-creator and host of The Great Teacher Resignation podcast, where she discusses the challenges and perks of transitioning to a career outside of the classroom A Navy Spouse for over 13 years, she has six military moves under her belt and counting, including an overseas tour. Alexandra and her husband are parents of two children they are raising to be bilingual and proud of their American, Jewish and Latino cultures. Their family is currently stationed in New Orleans, LA.
teacher standing in a classroom with students raising their hands

Military Spouses Stepping into the Classroom as Substitutes

Across the U.S., school districts are desperate to hire additional substitute teachers. Some districts and states have gone so far as to lower or change the current requirements for substitutes, such as college credits...
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How Healthy Boundaries Changed My Life

Feeling constantly overwhelmed, being pulled in all different directions, trying to make everyone happy and putting yourself last. Does that sound familiar? I struggled with boundaries for most of my adult life. As a teacher,...
kids in soccer uniforms huddled together with "Opting Out of Travel Sports) in text and MMC logo

Opting Out of Travel Sports

Like other parents who have children involved in youth sports, the discussion of travel sports has started in our household. My oldest is now in third grade and he has been playing team sports...
SFI Day of Service, collecting food for law enforcement impacted by the capital attacks on January 6, 2021

Milspouse Volunteers to Know + How to Choose Community Opportunities Wisely

Military spouses routinely hold volunteer roles in both the military community as well as their civilian community. In a 2018 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey, “among the 71% of military and veteran...
Woman working remote and in a virtual meeting

Virtually Possible: Spouses with Mobile Careers

One of the challenges that modern military spouses face is maintaining their careers and battling underemployment. Frequent moves, lack of childcare, and deployments can make having a professional career extremely difficult. While some spouses choose...
Short Hair Cut Picture

To Gray or Not to Gray? The Great Gray Hair Debate

Going gray is something that many of us will face. When will it happen? And what will we do about it when it does? Welcome to The Gray Hair Debate. A friend once said...
Hispanic dancers in traditional dress with a pale coral background and confetti

Celebrate + Educate This Hispanic Heritage Month with Children’s Books

From September 15 to October 15, the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring the contributions of Hispanic Americans. Hispanic Americans are those with ancestors from Spain, Mexico, and Central or South America. And...
Daughter doing an activity from Hola Amigo Box

Friday Favorites – Alexandra’s Favorite Subscription Boxes for Kids

I discovered subscription boxes five years ago and have tried several of them. My favorite part about these boxes is that you can find a variety of themes and topics to suit your child’s...
Mother and children standing in the main square of Krakow, Poland 2016

Tips for Traveling with Young Children in the Off-Season and Shoulder Season

It’s the middle of the summer, aka peak travel season. Many airports in the U.S. are “already back to or are exceeding pre-pandemic passenger traffic levels.” As the country struggles with COVID fatigue and...
Family Beach Portrait

Caring for a Family Member with Cancer or Serious Illness

Military families quickly become accustomed to living far away from their family members and loved ones. The distance is challenging in the best of times, but what happens if a close family member becomes ill...
Girls camp dance

The Pros of Summer Camp for Kids in the Pandemic World

Like nearly everyone in the world, my daily life as I knew it changed completely with the pandemic. Suddenly, my active-duty husband and I transitioned to working from home, and our two young children began...