Alexandra Simon

Alexandra is a former educator turned project manager, and advocate for military-connected students. A seasoned Navy Spouse, she has six military moves under her belt and counting, including an overseas tour. Alexandra and her husband are parents of two children they are raising to be bilingual and proud of their American, Jewish and Latino cultures. Their family is currently stationed in New Orleans, LA.
Family Beach Portrait

Caring for a Family Member with Cancer or Serious Illness

Military families quickly become accustomed to living far away from their family members and loved ones. The distance is challenging in the best of times, but what happens if a close family member becomes ill...
Girls camp dance

The Pros of Summer Camp for Kids in the Pandemic World

Like nearly everyone in the world, my daily life as I knew it changed completely with the pandemic. Suddenly, my active-duty husband and I transitioned to working from home, and our two young children began...